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  1. Volksfront von judea?pahh Wir sind die judaische volksfront!!! Best Movie ever!!!
  2. Seher Çağla Demir (Google it) This is the whore WHO blew herself up and killed innocent civilans But hey When terrorists attack Charly it's the terrorists fault When terrorists attack Paris it's the terrorists fault But when in Ankara terrorists attack and kill for the third Time civilans it's automatic erdo's fault You know what:F**k you and your Double Standards
  3. yes a bomb attack occured just 43 minutes ago in ankara.but who gives a sh*t. just some muslims getting killed.the peace loving PKK/YPG!they are good terrorists fighting DAESH. p.s. it's been an attack on a police bus.
  4. İf İ remember it right it is used to clear minefields.
  5. thx a lot,the last 2 pics made me think that these could be photoshopped
  6. i have a question,are these for real pics of the TAM or photoshop?
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