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  1. Well in theory the USN might use auxiliary. I just do not see things playing out like that at the least for the first trip.Maybe the second but by then everybody would be laughing at the scene...Bet people will pay to see that on cable.
  2. "Nonsense. You stop Russian ships by parking ships in their path" Tanker vs Burke pushing match then. Interesting for sure. Let's see how many Burke and Tico the USN is willing to invest in the effort. The crews are not going to be twelve philipino either.
  3. You wanto to stop russian ships, you will have to drop ordnance on them. That's my point. The rest is likely consequences.
  4. "Yeah, I think that could be done." US air-naval superiority in the Med is a given so if the Prez orders that Russian ships must not get to Syrian ports they will almost certainly not get there. It is doing that without firing the first shots of WW3 that might prove tricky...
  5. 6th fleet is closer to four than forty warships, unless you count something I am missing it is a command ship plus four destroyers or so, number would change as needed I guess but I doubt much more than a couple of carrier groups. Depending on the political situation a blockade in Turkish waters might be unadvisable. I could totally see Erdogan saying "Not on my doorstep" and the US going along with that. I am not saying that a blockade won't work, by the way. Just that the US will have to shoot first in all likelihood as not all that many hulls that can be physically put in the path of a russian force. Especially as there might be serious threats for most escorts to be on the lookout for rather than playing "how many Burke to shove a tanker" games. I do not recall ROE for Cuban blockade but I guess that any runner would have found itself with extra holes. But back then they were trying to sneak in materials. The goal in this case would be removing the option of defeating the Russians by politically easy non violent means. The US will have to either let them go or fire the first shots of WW3.
  6. The Russians will probably try to sail past the blockade. At which point it is either iceland cod war style ramming contest, and the Russians might bring tankers or other stuff a Burke might find unhealthy to get in the path of.Or the US will have to shoot first. The dynamic of the situation means that the blockade enforcer is the one who has to escalate.
  7. http://uk.businessinsider.com/raed-saleh-white-helmets-syria-us-white-helmets-2016-4?r=US&IR=T USAID has provided the White Helmets with $20 million in monetary aid since 2013. An assumption that no doubt many in Washington share in their urge to regimechange Syria. The problem is that while Assad per se does not mean much it is fairly obvious that it is a red line for Moscow due to big picture considerations. You will remember that nobody sent the the USAF to bomb DRA forces in Afghanistan. We will find out why it would have been a bad idea...
  8. Which is probably why the Russian people seem to be largely backing Putin despite the drawbacks. I do not have the pulse of China but I kinda wonder if the bulk of the Chinese people might not already see them as the useful idiots they are. By the way this sort of attitude is already poisoning the well in the West. Any "blood, toil, tears and sweat" rhetoric coming from our most beloved élite might be met by the middle finger already in the short term. In the long run I expect "democratic" to become an insult.
  9. I suspect we might have to resort even to improvised bombs rolled out of transport planes to soften up the islamofascist strongpoints in some peripheries. The twelve fighters past expire date in the future run of the mill air force in yurrop might not provide enough sorties for the job. Far fetched? Let's hope.
  10. From the point of view of a local? Yes. Hence barrel bombs, car bombs, hell cannon etc. When for example, some"religious conservative" showing up at the front door and killing your family is in the cards anything goes. So If Aleppo is an existential threat to western civilisation, why didnt Russia use an SS 18 on it? Read again, please. It's plain English. As for the rest I expect that with all the future moderates we are letting in we might have to resort to blowing up residential blocks in our own cities at some point and we will use whatever we will have in stock.
  11. From the point of view of a local? Yes. Hence barrel bombs, car bombs, hell cannon etc. When for example, some"religious conservative" showing up at the front door and killing your family is in the cards or you are a believer fighting for the true religion anything goes.
  12. As a matter of fact I wondered if somebody in the west was falling for such PR attempts...
  13. Oh, it could certainly be a fabrication from start to finish. Unfortunately while some years ago such thing could have been safely dismissed out of hand now it is within the realm of the possible.
  14. This was partially mitigated by closing foreign funded NGOs in Russia. Actually nothing new in this http://www.tank-net.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=39684&page=59#entry1197522 but mass media in Russia are now making sure every Russian citizen is aware of this statement. Stupidity of this US State department spokesman is stunning - what if in coming days something, God forbid, happen with Russian passenger airliner or nuclear station, even by technical reasons? Who will believe it was not terrorist attack sponsored by US? And this man is not some kind of ex-community organizer - he is fresh retired rear admiral, razing question about degree of strategic (or tactical) thinking in world's most powerful army high command.... Closing foreign funded NGOs (or, to be more correct, labeling them "foreign agents" and by this limiting their ability to interfere into Rus political life, as West managed to turn everything they touched into substance hated by majority of population) was messy half-action - as most actions of Russian Gov - but still proved to be somewhat effective, at least reducing damage done by West over 20+ years of unlimited activity here in Russia. For the time being I will choose to believe that those words do not mean what they seem to mean. Because if it turns out that our betters are actually busy telling the the Saudi & Co to unleash their pet terrorists while they are screaming " Think of the children!!!" at the top of their lungs... then, sorry,but that is the final straw as far as I am concerned. Any residual consideration for West/NATO/ anything goes flying out of the window and even the fascists putting pro Assad posters on the street on my way to work start to look appealing. The US can vote in anybody who will change course: Trump, Lavrenty Beria, Attila , I do not care.
  15. I am sorry you seem disappointed that you cannot complain of the fact that I am complaining about Israel while not complaining about Russia. I will be frank: if, let's say, the pals use ambulances to ferry around weapons I won't rejoice but I will not pull my hair out either if some ambulance gets an hellfire missile eventually; OTOH it happened a number of times, though I would have to dig for the specifics. Note for our oh so morally superior liberal elites. 1) If a product isn't selling consideration might be given to the issue that the product could in fact be crap nobody in his right mind would buy. Doubling dow might not solve the issue. 2) Calling people who refuse to buy "trolls" may well feel satisfying but won't fix the above. Quite frankly if the BBC starts to sound like the KCNA with their penchant for childish name calling it will be regarded as being as much believable. Their choice.
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