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  1. The name of the rose, tv-series. It got some critique for not being exactly as the book. But since I haven't read it, and it was long ago since I saw the movie, I could quite enjoy it. John Turturro is excellent, most others are good too. The story/stories work well. Well spent ~ 8 hours.
  2. Expanse. Very good. Saving last episode a few more days. Rewatching season 2. Awesome. Will see season 3 too again. But - I really did not enjoy season 4 quite as much. Not sure exactly why, yet. How about you? Finished with Justified. Personally I think Boyd Crowder just became too much. My favorite is hands down Dewey Crowe.
  3. I think I should clarify. Except for being disfavorable against the last US president, I am not particularly favorable towards D. My comment was a cumulative personal reaction against the comments (against any woman) based on her weight, skin-color, extra-marital affairs and whatnot. If they are incompetent, I dont care if that is pointed out, it should be pointed out. Would I be annoyed if an R woman was called "willing cum-dumpster" because of extra marital affairs? I hope so. But I have not seen it yet in the topics I follow. I just want the posting in here to be a little better than "out t
  4. Not my "ilk", but me personally. Fair enough I guess.
  5. Oddly enough that's mutual. But I post way too seldom to hold any entertainment value.
  6. You should definately put me on ignore.
  7. In general my impression too. In my case, as I think Ryan mostly suggested at, I get more information from here. I actually click both right- and left-links, but certainly far from all of them. I am genuinely interested in learning what makes people tick. But yes, I will admit to more trust the info from BBC, than Gateway Pundit.
  8. So, in order, if I get it right: Had an extra-marital affair, is not white and not male.
  9. A not so wild guess, it has to do with Harris. But will it be because she is a democrat, woman, or something else?
  10. No. And I will not pretend to know more than what a quick googling finds. Perhaps Biden believes good will come from it. If a Biden-decision would get agreement from the "right" in TN, I would be somewhat surprised.
  11. Don't know what "Kamalista" is, but I doubt it is a compliment. 🙂
  12. Most things have concequences. Perhaps even more so if you are the president of the US. I think we should check results in 4 years, and in best possible way compare it with previous 4 years. But even then we will most probably be set in our preferences. So in that you are very correct, I have no wish for discussion on Biden-Trump. If in 4 years Biden has proven to be a "better" president than Trump was, would you admit it, like: "I was wrong in my assumptions and predictions, and Trump was in retrospect not so awesome as I was led to believe."?
  13. Let it all out. Let the Biden-administration will be a 4 year therapy session.
  14. And the world's ending. But thanks. 🙂
  15. LOL. I liked this one. Seasom 2 out, have not seen yet.
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