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  1. Just have every soldier trained and carrying an M72 LAW/LAAW of whatever variant in their gear. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use.🤷‍♂️I see no use for totting around heavy anti-material rifles these days.
  2. From the Korean War? The USMC has operated tanks continuously since 1 March 1937. We raised six tank battalions in WWII. Fallujah was 2004 and tanks went to Afghanistan much later. I have sent a copy of my Marines under Armor to Gen. Berger. ------------------------ Stuart, the Congress has oversight responsibilities, but will take too much time, cf our own EchoFiveMike's comment earlier on the Military Current Events, indicating the rush to execute shows they are worried in this USMC cabal. http://www.tank-net.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44490&p=1486785 What is Berger’s end goal? He seems to be intent on forcing the Marine Corps to turn into a bunch of light infantry shepherding mobile anti ship missiles around island chains. His actions and words also seem to invoke the sense that he doesn’t know his own history. ANONE saying some current major capability is a “thing of the past” needs to looked into for mental issues or possible malicious intent.
  3. It seems the CMC wants to return the Corps to an infantry centric force with little to no local fire support(Cutting artillery to only THREE batteries from 17...(at least hes keeping rocket artillery and expanding that), cutting aircraft and helicopter numbers that support the troops on the ground and now tanks(I assume with all the accompanying vehicles like M88 recovery vehicles, AVLB, M1 ABV...ETC)?. At the same time, it looks like Berger has a questioning eye towards Light Armored Reconnaissance and the LAV & its future replacement as well. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2020/04/01/top-marines-says-light-armored-reconnaissance-is-outmoded-on-future-battlefield/
  4. Ive been reading multiple topics about this on Reddit, and from what Ive read, this might not be all(or even mostly) the DODs doing. It seems all(or 95%) of the vehicles were still privately owned and they were destroyed by the new owners, and not the DOD. Link to topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/dp7bq8/comment/f5u1j2a
  5. Typical Government bureaucracy and BS! Does anybody know what they did wrong to cause this to happen? Does the Army just not like history?
  6. Check out this video and circa 1:55-1:57 Video from February 10th 1980 newscast.
  7. Anyone know when Iraq received T-72s? I was just watching a news video from 1980 on the first weeks of the Iran/Iraq war on the ThamesTV YouTube channel and in the video, two trucks with trailers went past, each Hauling early model T-72s with the Flipper armor plates.
  8. Is there a law that says they can’t just buy more of the Dragoon Strykers instead of holding a competition that takes 2-3 years? Possibly by using UOR funding like was done earlier to speed up the process?
  9. From the slides and the Textron NGSW submissions, I thought that case-telescoped ammunition was still going strong as one of the contenders? Or are you talking about a different program?
  10. Having some issues with the link. Keeps on saying the network connection is being lost as it tries to load the PDF.
  11. It used the same cartridge as the M1897 series field guns and the M1916 and M1917. The pack howitzer used the same chambering as the M8 SPH and LVT(A)4 and 5, IIRC. Wasn't there a case where 75mm tank rounds were dropped to our troops in Arnhem which had the 75mm pack howitzer and couldn't shoot them? Wow, I always thought the M2/3 tank guns, M1897 and the Pack Howitzer used the same ammunition. Learn something new everyday...thanks Tank-Net.
  12. Huh, intriguing. Is SOCOM and others not satisfied with the FN MK48?
  13. Thanks for the information. The first reply really helped. Decided to post this question after reading about the NC/AC-123 in a Squadron/Signal book on the C-123 and in Wayne Mutza’s “Gunships” book. By the way, does anyone know of the first combat usage/Aircraft to use Thermal Imaging/FLIR? I’ve tried googling it, but google has gone down the shitter in the past couple of years.
  14. Sorry to necro a 3 1/2 year old topic, but can someone explain the difference between LLTV/LLLTV and FLIR? I know what the terms are(low Light television and Forward Looking Infrared) but what are the differences? I’ve seen them used interchangeably but I know they are different in some ways, but how?
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