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  1. For fun. Plain Bicycle for real-economic and fast enough, easily repairable.
  2. This thread made me read "Combat Team" by John Antal again...the fun. Anyways, another look at some details of the supposed Storm Tiger: Also a member on mp.net posted some collages, one of them showing the new tank exhibition from the opposite side-interesting look at the hull and turret backs. However I can't find that single photo online. Hope Jim may post it as he promised more about the new museum.
  3. Pretty much established. You can see the Koksan SPG versions in the back, first version has been exported to Iran in the First Gulf War ( Image: http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/3458/koksanguniraniraqwar1.png) and been recovered(?) by US military in Iraq in recent years (http://www.military-today.com/artillery/m1978_koksan_l1.jpg).
  4. Putting them where they belong: All found in the T-62 question topic.
  5. Wonder how much shipping to Mexico will cost the bidder(s).
  6. Ah, the Mexican A-Team found some shed...
  7. Nope, they converted some of their 1BEs to 1A5 BEs in the 90s: http://www.panzerbaer.de/types/be_kpz_leopard_1a5be-a1.htm
  8. Edelweiss-ok...but Hohenstaufen insignia? On a different note, Marine M1s in Afghanistan: Also look for several vids on youtube.
  9. The palm tree was of course used by the always dubious KSK: Now if only all the other unit smbols taken from Wehrmacht panzer divisions, regiments and battalions used by almost all Bundeswehr units throughout the years would have caused so much trouble...heck, my company used the symbol of the schwere Panzer Abteilung 507 and nobody f*in cared. Media hypes...
  10. Yes, 9th Panzer Division was completely equipped with T-72 by the mid 80s, then a slow and by 1989 not finished process of reequipment began in the 7th Panzer. A modernisation of the earliest T-72s delivered was also begun in the late 80s.
  11. Talking about intercepting Soviet Russian planes over Baltic airspace(2009):
  12. Judging from the turret number and the location, in the Baltics it would rather be "Or we tell Otto."
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