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  1. Call me cynical if you like but polling stations strike me (Pun not intended) as a target the Russians would go out to hit and hard. Trust Putin? Certainly, trust him to murder more folk for not giving him what he wants. Good news today, the idiot ex schoolgirl lost her latest appeal to return to the UK. Thought she married a Dutchman so she should go there instead.
  2. Last I heard, Airwolf was destroyed in an accident in Germany.
  3. Alexei's murder is a loss to all of us who believe in freedom from oppression. I have to admit to being aware it was only a matter of time.
  4. I take it the guidance units for missiles can be adapted for terminal guidance of naval drones.
  5. Do you have a link/article? Not seen it referenced as in use during the 20thC myself
  6. OMFG. I got ten seconds into that and had to switch it off. Wow, how does she do it?????????
  7. Even now, a Maxim will kill what it is pointed and fired at.
  8. To do anything worthwhile, change is essential. rather than faff about with old tech into the futre, we should make the leap and do something heroic to coin an oft misused phrase. To make the investment pay we need to produce something well beyond the competition and enbsure our troops have the best kit for a long while to come. I know the arguments against but we have stagnated for too long, time to up our game.
  9. I have looked but no idea, can you enliughten me please?
  10. Sorry, mea culpa. I meant that there are as yet, no laws against stupid while laws against racial prejudice are supposedly enforced. I do wonder if there are secret night classes in stupid as it is so prevalent. Caught myself in that a few times though.
  11. Or a third party is supplying targetting information.....
  12. Feckless, yes. Anti-semite? No. Legal ramifications and all that. Luckily for politics, stupid has no legislation against it.
  13. Essentially the Russian home front is a weakness, at least imho. Attacking that more rrgularly will weaken the desire for the Russian citizen to hang around for the long haul. Weakening Putin's position of power will do more than the casualties suffered at the coal face.
  14. Should NK do that, they will be shocked at the response. An awful lot of inflamatory nonsense being spouted and rankly it is merely so much childish posturing.
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