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  1. News reports that the Russian Tver Military Research Facility has suffered a massive fire. Reported at least 6 killed, more injured.
  2. Thing I hate most is how News reporters call everything tanks and naval vessels as Battleships.
  3. Not all 6 AK-630's are able to engage targets approaching from port or starboard. Also they really only have an effective range of 3.6-3.8 km. No weapon ever works as their Government claims them to.
  4. Russian ships were never designed with damage control as part of the design. Also against a sea skimming missile the size of the neptune the Moskva's radars would only been able to detect them at around 8-10 miles at best. (Radar horizon 20 miles or so plus the small size of the missile shortening the range even more). Just look up Russian Navy to realize how many ships were heavily damaged or sunk by fires.
  5. Not sure if this is new or a photo from several days ago.
  6. Ukrainians have been trained in Virgina at the Little Creek Naval base on how to use the Switchblade-300. Also some are training on the Mississippi River in the use of same SOF craft.
  7. My brother served in Desert Storm. Communications unit in the US army, he said the British Forces were much respected by the Americans, especially their Air Force.
  8. Apparently Japan loves this...
  9. The radar horizon from the Moskva (if the radars are around 30-40 meters high) against a target at the altitude of a sea skimming missile is around 26 miles or so. The ship's radar range against a missile the size of the Neptune is shorter at around 6-8 miles. Not much time for the ship to react if it was not already alert for a possible attack. The Moskva's combat system is still a human in the loop and is not autonomous system (SAM's fire control directors). The ship's AK-630 CIWS are autonomous but most likely in stand by mode since ship was not expecting an attack.
  10. Canada is sending drone camera's, Volatus Aerospace is talking about sending ISR drones to Ukraine.
  11. I found only German editions available on ebay and Barnes and Noble. I'll try the Proceedings Site and if they have it I'll let you know.
  12. What really makes this funny is that Garland works for the ACLU.
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