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  1. Ah--so you are that pedophile DAVE AAA. Please say hello to your friend, NoOneFamous and that baby-raping fruitcake Sargon. By the way, did you hear that Elon Musk just bought Twitter? You are a dinosaur--and your time is coming to an end. Free speech is on the way--you better go hide under your bed you nazi thug. God bless!
  2. Yes I know. Relax (Frankie goes to Hollywood). It's called a sense of humor guys. Look into it. 🙂 Guys seriously: I know these are interesting times, but not nearly as interesting as the times most of us (I assume) grew up in. Chill. Relax.
  3. OK riddle me this, batman. What material did man switch to--from iron--on the day Herodotus was born? Plastic? Carbon-fiber? Use your brain. That's what it's there for.
  4. IMHO, nuclear war is so blunt an instrument as to be of no value except as insurance against invasion of the motherland (admittedly no small benefit). Aside from that, very few are going to take seriously threats to use nuclear "tactically" or as "payback" for non-nuclear opposition as that is such an obviously suicidal approach. Well the Japanese launched a war against the most powerful nation on earth via sneak attack by convincing themselves that Americans couldn't take casualties and would soon come to the table. Indeed, even their action reports from the battle of Midway, whilst stating the disasterous facts of the battle, were laced with "though the Americans have lost the will to fight....." Self-delusion and wishful thinking is a hell of a drug. But as the Japanese themselves say, "don't count on what won't happen." Not really. You're talking Crete--whereas paratroops are really more properly about Eben-Emael. I wonder if these are being set by the same group setting fire to so many U.S. food processing plants (i.e the FBI/CIA). It's not so much the magnitude of the sacrifice that undermine's Roman's take (IMHO) as it is the fact that there is/was no discernible benefit for Russia to sacrificing so many of its most elite troops on a hit and run that did not accomplish anything for all anyone can see. 🤣 You are correct, but absurd. The "iron age" actually ended with Bessemer's converter i.e. circa 1856.
  5. I'm not going to comment on the Chinese. Apparently this site is hyper-sensitive about "race" -- and even though "Chinese is NOT a "race," I can't take any chances having already been dinged once (admittedly for something that at least arguably could have been misinterpreted -- that will teach me to drunk-post). LEOPARD 1 TO THE UKES? I thought some might find this video from the estimable "Military History Visualized" of interest:
  6. William had it coming. EDIT: Just kidding -- William was arguably a fine man cut down by vile treachery--I just thought that Sunday might like my comment lol. JUST KIDDING Sunday! (anything for a laugh!)
  7. Oh I don't know about that R011--have you read about how the "native Americans" (yeah right) disposed of their captives (the men anyway). Makes being broken on the wheel sound like losing your virginity....
  8. Just to be clear, I'm not making fun of the Rus here--it's the Daily Mail who described these vehicles as being gathered up for "repair" lol.
  9. OK for those who didn't see or click on my Daily Mail link, here are a few photos of the "damaged" armored vehicles that the Rus are gathering up for "repair." If you enjoyed viewing the breastplate of the French hussar "wounded" at Waterloo, you'll love these--I mean, it's just a flesh wound, right?:
  10. Damning with faint praise again, I see. Sorry about the multiple posts guys--I'm working on it!
  11. Shoot me Vlad! I'm red and noisy with a neat flashing siren! COME AND GET IT!!!! I am laughing both long and hard. Say what you will about the Ukes--they have a wicked sense of humor. Stop it Stuart--you're killing me! Well the actual first human inhabitants of the North American continent were completely extinguished by the Asian immigrants we now call "the Indians." And the Indians, of course, were INCREDIBLY savage and brutal--their conquest even by the religion-crazed whites was the best thing that ever happened to most of them. Those that survived the diseases, I mean. And hey, we're all gonna die of something, right? Shoot and scoot really is a thing.
  12. Regarding the Crimea: Obama had already been caught on a hot mike essentially asking the Rus ambassador to pass back to Putin that he would have the A-OK as soon as the 2012 election was over. That's what makes the whole "Trump Russian collusion!" thing so patently ridiculous. Putin knows who his friends are--and he knew that with the Kenyan in charge, the U.S. wouldn't do dick.
  13. Is it true that Hitler became addicted to meth? That would explain A LOT.
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