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  1. Your level of TDS is amazing.
  2. The US is testing the next gen of long range missles. Multiple programs currently underway. Perigrine is a project to make a longer range missle with dimensions that will effectively double the number that can be carried stealthily.
  3. What was the catastrophe during the previous presidents term?
  4. Trump is a narcissistic A-hole. But he did just fine for 4 years dealing with foriegn policy.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what is a CMANO wargame?
  6. Lots of people deal with what's available at the moment.... Some people like to think about jam tomorrow. Might want to slow down the frantic chest pumping .
  7. You realize this was 40 years ago... And actually none of the UK aircraft can actually deploy UK weapons. There is a reason they are armed with sidewinders. And the american-made ammrams have not arrived yet. The UK would have to borrow them from the Americans that are on board.
  8. Yes I'm sure this happened... A major anti-submarine operation to force a foreign sub to And there wasn't an aircraft anywhere around to take a picture of it.
  9. I think that some people are living in a fantasy world. The Chinese danger is real.
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