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  1. Early F-16s had no BVR capability? What was the limiting factor? Radar? Weapons integration?
  2. Imagine a Vulcan with modern engines, weapons and avionics! Would still be very useful in most conflict scenarios.
  3. I've used those tennis ball chuckers for my dog; they're surprisingly effective and easy to use.
  4. What are the other 4 models on the table?
  5. The Mirage 2000, yes. But not the F1.
  6. Pah! What do you do when Vesuvius erupts? The wax melts! That's why I only rely on my trusty chalk and slate.
  7. I get this wistful feeling when I think about the V-bombers. I wish we'd kept them!
  8. So they "shill" for their own company? Selling coffee?
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted, but I give you the Prius Vulcan:
  10. The layout of the BAE Mantis is reminiscent of the A10.
  11. There was a rumour that it was withdrawn at the behest of American pressure, as it competed with HARM (and indeed was superior). No idea if there's in truth in it though
  12. Correct, there seems to be no interest in any level of long-term thinking. It's just one reactive firefighting action after another. Suez canal, Afghanistan, Iraq, mishandling of Covid, lorry driver shortages, empty supermarket shelves, 40 years of back-to-back military procurement balls ups, with no improvement in sight.
  13. Extremely unlikely, given the state of Australian politics.
  14. The Australian-built Steyr AUGs had problems, and the Australian-built Tiger helicopters were a disaster. Just sayin' ...
  15. Looks like a massive amount of frontal protection on the turret.
  16. The old ALARM anti-radiation missile could loiter by descending on a parachute, waiting for the target radar to switch back on. You could call that a kamikaze drone.
  17. No, on a truly modern MBT I don't think there would be any concussion, or any other negative effect on the crew if no penetration occurs. I don't see that the hardness of the penetrator would have anything to do with it.
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