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  1. Aren't they? They must have some new capabilities.
  2. Actually I'm Scottish, so chances are my ancestors were busy stealing sheep while the legionaries' backs were turned.
  3. Very true, and don't forget some of our ancestors fought with Marcus Aurelius against the barbarian hordes! 🤪
  4. Thank you for the explanation.
  5. Precisely, yet the MoD appears congenitally incapable of acquiring MOTS/COTS, unless there's an urgent operational requirement. Even without all the vibration issues, Ajax was massively overweight because of all the requirements for bells and whistles. The MoD is severely broken.
  6. Well, I guess you could make Moltov cocktails. And possibly flamethrowers, although if they couldn't even create a vacuum, I doubt they could develop the pumps required.
  7. The UK would be able to afford far more if it didn't keep squandering billions on failed projects.
  8. No because it's useless for propelling projectiles.
  9. Its innovative PTAB bomb looks highly effective. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PTAB_(bomb)
  10. What a load of rubbish. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/41398/the-british-armys-new-light-howitzer-could-be-unmanned
  11. That of course is true. Slaves have the benefit of being adaptible to current methods of working; doing things by machine means adapting the process to fit the machine.
  12. Erm, of course. Slaves ran on bread, steam runs on coal. My point was, at what point does it become more cost effective to do the work via steam (coal) than slaves (bread)?
  13. Exactly! The poster I quoted was claiming that all would flock to our Western system because it is self-evidently superior. Recent history has shown this not to be the case.
  14. Of course, human muscle is very efficient. But it's quite pernickety about the fuel it runs on. I suppose coal back then was quite expensive, but was it more expensive than bread?
  15. I absolutely know what you mean, little has that "magic" to it any more.
  16. What impact did slavery have on the rate of technological innovation? I've always assumed it exerted a powerful drag, because why invent an expensive mill when you can just get slaves to do the work?
  17. Ah I see, thanks. Quite limited then.
  18. Our MoD has honed its skill in creating balls-ups for 40 years. They have become expert at it.
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