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  1. True, and the latest model of Starstreak has automatic target tracking. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/starstreak-ii-hvm Other than being beam riding (which is a feature not a bug), it doesn't have much in common with Blowpipe or Starburst
  2. Do you really, truly believe that? If so, it's terrifying.
  3. I know the Ukrainian forces have been supplied with Stingers, presumably not the latest model. What are the chances they will be sent Starstreak?
  4. Antonov International Airport just outside Kyiv has been taken.
  5. There's also this channel, I don't think it's as good because he often doesn't let the sim converge so it might cut off something interesting, but it's still worth watching: https://youtube.com/channel/UC7r0CSsoS5HeCjkJX2ADwlg
  6. Some here might be interested in SY Simulations, a YouTube channel that posts videos of armour penetration simulations. Here's an example: https://youtu.be/YUlNU-uziF4
  7. Something like this is probably the closest you'll get: https://modernfirearms.net/en/sniper-rifles/large-caliber-rifles/austria-large-caliber-rifles/steyr-iws-2000-eng/ Although the claimed penetration of 40 mm seems slightly low to me.
  8. You don't think the performance requirement would involve hitting the target?
  9. That V-22 looks twitchy as hell to fly, does it not have auto hover/land like the F-35B?
  10. That SPEAR EW looks good, finally a replacement for ALARM? PS I don't see any chest thumping in this post, just information.
  11. I saw a comment on YouTube that claimed the CV12 had been uprated to 1500hp,so I guess there's no need for the MTU engine anyway.
  12. All these considerations fade away when you reminisce about the glorious British Empire.
  13. So, none? The world's most expensive skatepark!
  14. Just look at it. It has 2 fuselages and only one engine. Ah wait a minute! I didn't notice the pusher prop before! You know, having a puller prop in the nose and a counter-rotating pusher prop in the tail is actually a good idea. The Do 335 had a very impressive top speed.
  15. That seems the worst of both worlds to me, you've got all the weight of 2 fuselages yet the power of only one engine. Really the ideal planform turned out to be 2 engines and one fuselage.
  16. It had huge development problems that took ages to fix, which meant it never quite gained the reputation it could have had. But it certainly is a beautiful aircraft.
  17. I can't imagine a crew of a modern tank being significantly affected by any non-penetrating hit. Except possibly the blast from hitting a mine.
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