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  1. 1 hour ago, bojan said:

    Stupid memes and handful of light weapons =/= actual support Stuart.

    Did not want to degrade discussion, but since it is again on the level of memes and twatter shit, I will post this.

    This is Ukrainian channel (from Nikolaev) with historical reenactment, mostly concentrated on what soldiers ate (it is great BTW if you understand Russian). Review of British MRE is basically "Let's see what kind of food enabled British to run so fast from Afghanistan and now Ukraine". Title is "MRE of the British instructors in Ukraine! Why did they evacuate so fast?":

    Oh and a review of MRE is also quite interesting, he notes that even old pre 2014. Ukrainian and Russian MREs are basically way better for an average soldier.


    Where to start? 

  2. 1 hour ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

     its clear to see that, at least as far as economic development, the EU has been an unparalled good for Europe. Ive great issues with it, but I wish we were still in it.

    Me too, we had the ideal balance of EU benefits with control over our own currency. We even got a special rebate FFS. 

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