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  1. No solution to that problem? What about bigger turret bustle with larger ammo bunker?
  2. KOREAN K2 TANK Why is it so critical to have a MWR FCS. Surely a passive sensor surveillance would be more desirable to avoid detection for as long as possible. While a turret based ammo bunker/combined with auto-loader sounds like a good work around to prevent "jack in the box" detonation but ALSO maintaining fast reliable rate of fire..How is hull based ammo , not going to detonate? How does LEO avoid this problem? THE ARMOR LOOKS GOOD ENOUGH ....850mm KE frontal + 300 mm side. https://www.19fortyfive.com/2022/06/k2-south-koreas-tank-might-be-the-best-there-is/
  3. These hits are all pretty much too close to each other to be classified as valid penetration.
  4. FOR what its worth I first noticed "FLIR" in the 1980s referring to SENSORS on the COBRA Attack HELO , followed by targeting pods on AMERICAN ground attack jets and pods needed to turn a fighter into a fighter bomber From mission to mission.
  5. The diagram I work from is the 1978 ARMY AND WEAPONS # 47 pp 27 This shows the mantle overlapping the front side turret applique [from front POV] . It also depicts side turret with outward curvature on both sides of turret , while yours shows inward curve on the TC turret side while the other side is straight. So the measurements are going to be different. Especially since these are all compound angles. AS to T-64-90 they ALL have ERA tiles that are demonstrated to be smaller than the outer dimensions indicated. When you add this all up you get noticeably less effective coverage than the AFV figures might suggest. I stumbled upon a research paper that examined this limitation that reminded me of Chinese approach this tight fitted modular composite armor blocks on tanks like TYPE 99/99A. it seemed after several hits the increasing exposed surface guaranteed a hit on uncovered area. Also terms like "ceramic" "composite" "modular" can be shaped to mean almost anything.
  6. considering these are ALL state secrets , i've serious doubts about the accuracy of this statement...do you have anything resembling proof. BTW i measured and crunch numbers yesterday and LEO-1 A1 m.z. It has approximately > 85% of the all round turret armor covered in the thinner applique , while the frontal profile reaches approximately 70% coverage with the thicker array.
  7. Yes exactly ! The LEO-A1m.Z.and LEO-1A5 applique armor is reported to be 90% coverage on the turret ....i guess its "turret down/hull down" only for those tanks. i some times wonder if the ideas are to tell defenders YES YOU CAN PENETRATE .... mean while the other tell the attackers NO WORRIES YOUR ARMOR IS Proofed AGAINST THAT THREAT.
  8. That is correct , there are research papers on this.
  9. Their are photos of T-SERIES in UKRAINE with incomplete ERA coverage., so with and without is valid. This is especially true since the exact coverage is never 100% in fact according to MANFRED HELD its often 60% or less. Further if K-5 is like K-1 , then the % coverage cycles down with every hit.
  10. Russian kill claims are historically 5 times the actual figures. Western kill claims are historically 2 times actual figures.
  11. No one is lying - only the internet reporters...each side seeing what they want to -through their own rose colored glasses. Given the advantages RUSSIA has , U/A is out performing RUSSIA. RUSSIA is an embarrassment.
  12. the SURVIVAL has as much to do with crew training /experience as well the ergonomic design for rapid escape. Nils is right that this is highest priority NOW, but not back in WW-II...then it was ALL a MEAT GRINDER.
  13. i read some where that crew survival in WW-II KOed Sherman was 85% while KOed T-34 was only 15%
  14. For the sake of us mere mortals a link to this ?? Article in VBTT would be great! visual ballistic camera tracking?
  15. Sounds good in theory but with out actual peer reviewed research papers , its still in the dark-ages. any one got any research papers in this are?
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