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  1. BTW there are many differences between the two.
  2. Full picture, revealing more of the hull front.
  3. Look at the hatches and the episcopes, they are different. In one case the episcopes are mounted on the hatches and in the other they are fixed to the hull.
  4. By the way, perhaps the tanks we saw yesterday and today are entirely different platforms.
  5. The bottom one´s gun looks more like a 105-125mm. After comparing with past concepts and test rigs I think this is pretty much their actual 4th gen MBT "ZTZ-XX" and not a light weight offshoot. Its also very likely that the same turret can equip guns of different calibers for different roles.
  6. So this came up a few hours ago. First impressions: - Unmanned turret, 2 men crew sitting at the front hull. - Tanks use different guns. They look sub 90mm in caliber. - Judging by eye, these look very compact and light. I guess they weight up to 30 metric tons. For the moment, these seem to me like light tanks meant to replace or complement the existing ZTQ-15 fleet. May be a parallel development to the MBT the chinese have been developing for a few years now.
  7. Though drones are more a sensor problem than an effector problem. Once detected, even a rifleman can shoot down a drone.
  8. This is kinda difficult to interpret. If there are only 50 succesful interceptions recorded vs 45 hits on APS equipped vehicles, how do they get to the claim of 85 percent succesful interceptions rate?
  9. Yes I´ve thought about that. But it would be an entirely different system altogether. Nevertheless I can´t imagine how to integrate all of that into existing T-64/72. Good news is that ELO-5220 can be programed to recognize drones so radars in the end aren´t that necesary.
  10. While its a good example of repurposing existing APS sensors to add drone protection, these systems can´t be fast tracked to Ukraine nor integrated into its existing fleet of AFVs during a realistic time period.
  11. Its not RCV-H, its a manned tank. And whichever gets picked eventually will use a variant of XM360.
  12. Internationaly they are marketing this as PULS. Didn´t know they wanted to use it domestically. Nevertheless, unless I´m wrong this isn´t compatible with M270 ammunition.
  13. From some of Hamas footage apparently the homemade RPGs have quality problems in their warheads, some of them even failing to detonate on impact.
  14. One of the options is to replace the armor modules with newer ones, around 30 years in advancements should provide a lot of extra protection at the same or little weight growth.
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