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  1. 52 minutes ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

    That's why in NATO for example, every country has a large share of foreign-made equipment.

    I see were your coming from, but every nation keeps certain systems home made (and thus relatively secure) for the reason I stated. For example communications equipment on the Israeli F15A/B/C/D/I 's were made in Israeli not US for just this reason.

  2. 59 minutes ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

    Israel doesn't actually have its companies, especially private ones, do such things.

    It has dedicated bodies belonging to the military and intelligence apparatus for this, but they don't get involved in Israeli companies' products.

    I'm sorry my post was not clear.

    I meant that having a Israeli EW system on an Arab aircraft could mean that Israeli would know the inner workings of that EW system and develop counter measures for it.

  3. 47 minutes ago, bojan said:

    I am dying laughing now, and hoping at least a bit you are not serious.

    Original AK were pretty expensive, so much that initially it was only SMG replacement, they could not afford to replace all Mosins with it (that is what more traditional and cheaper SKS was for). Milled ones even increased price (through they enabled faster production). Only with AKM was price dropped significantly, but work wise it was not that much cheaper than other production optimized rifles like AR-18 (if you pay workers same). Price actually rose with introduction of AK-74, due the barrel being more expensive to make.

    Yeah, it was cheap to make compared to dinosaurs like M14 or FAL, but it's price was never a reason it was selected, else they would have chosen Shpagin one.

    I've seen internet reports that state that the AK47 was a half the price of an equivalent Belgium FAL battle rifle.

  4. There's a theory that an empire will expand until it becomes uneconomical to sustain. At which point it will collapse. Were starting to see that with China's rise to world dominance by 2050.





  5. I always thought that what the Soviets really wanted in their massive armed forces was "We want it cheap". That also applied to buildings, bridges, factories and nuclear power plants etc. All of these had to be made for a low cost. Only because of the cold war and their attempt to keep up with the West did they innovate.

    Just look at the AK47, some may praise it' reliability but the main reason why it was made was because it was dirt cheap.

  6. The link says "1 Robot combat vehicle company"

    The Maneuver includes 3 Armored Brigade Combat Teams. Each will include an HHC, 3 Combined Arms Battalions (CAB), 1 Armored Cavalry Troop, 1 Robot Combat Vehicle (RCV) Company, 1 Brigade Engineer Battalion, and 1 Brigade Support Battalion. The Combined Arms Battalions are intended to be a 2-to-2 mix of Armor and Mechanized Infantry Companies, undoing the 2016 change that turned CABs triangular. Additionally, the Armored Cavalry Troops will likely be composed of 2 Tank Platoons and 2 Bradley-mounted Scout Platoons.


    I guess they will be called Terminators 😀


  7. Going off topic, but Thatcher went so right wing that her later policies such as the "Lock up all AIDS victims into concentration camps" idea were borderline fascism. So much so that her own party got rid of her.

    As for miners it's all ancient history now.

  8. I get were you're coming from but the new trilogy was orders of magnitude worse than anything GL did. At least he tried to do something different.

    Grab your light sabre and come back to the light side George Lucus you're movies need you the new ones have gone joined the Sith 😀


    Edit: I did like Rogue One though.


    Edit2: Have you ever seen a GL film called THX 1138? it's worth a look.

  9. I agree. SW has lost the essence of what George Lucus did. I walked out of the cinema halfway through SW : The Rise of Skywalker after the horses in space part because it was soooo badddd. I mean what were they thinking, just re-making the original trilogy almost film for film scene for scene. 

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