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  1. I bow to your superior knowledge on Canada on this. I does seem that Canada with it vast airspace would want a twin engined fighter. The F18E/F/G is a bit short range as two engines uses twice the fuel, so maybe the F35A would have a longer range. Does Canada have aerial refuelling capability?
  2. That's an interesting point. I wonder if Putin will stage a unannounced 'nuclear test' to scare NATO?
  3. If NATO mobilises to go to to war with Russia over Ukraine expect Russia to drop a tac nuke on them.
  4. No, they would have to replace the ski jump which would be a major redesign. Plus no there's no steam source for the catapult. Having an electro magnetic catapult after all the problems that the Ford class aircraft carriers are having with it would introduce major risk into the project.
  5. Interesting article. It mentions if a bird gets sucked into the engine and states that as the aircraft is optimized for flight at 30,000 feet no bird flies this high. Yet taking off and landing are not mentioned. I get a magazine called Airforce Monthly and in it's pages is a section all about aircraft crashes and their cause. Bird ingestation is a common cause for engine failure in about 10% of cases.
  6. One of Canada's original aircraft requirements was it to have a two engined fighter. I guess that requirement has disappeared, but I wouldn't want to be a CAF pilot flying a long distance mission in bad weather conditions in a Gripon or Lightening 2.
  7. Thanks Sunday. That news link certainly looks like European hegemony to me.
  8. I'm going for my third jam tomorrow. Hopefully it will work against this new Omicron variant.
  9. I blame David Cameron. His pro - EU message was solely based on the economic potential of staying in the EU. But voters vote due to what's in their heart not GDP increases spaced over ten years.
  10. Oman is basically a client state of UK, that's the only reason why were still there. Going off topic but over the last couple of years. Oman has been developing a port capable of docking a US sized aircraft carrier.
  11. We still have the Rapier system in the Falklands but it's a short range air defence system.
  12. Quite a lot of air to air missiles use laser guidance to detonate their warheads when within range.
  13. For those people not in the know. It turns out that Jimmy Saviles was sexually abusing children throughout his life which included when he did Jim'll Fix It.
  14. I've always thought that instead of having 4 Eurofighters on QRA in the Falklands islands we should buy a SAM system like the Patriot.
  15. The UK government has a golden share in it.
  16. The Israelis will probably blow it up at some point.
  17. That doesn't sound good for Ukraine at all.
  18. Isn't it to close to winter for even the Russians to invade?
  19. I wonder who will get to the crash site on the sea bed first. The Americans or the Russians 😀
  20. Interesting link DB. It says that I should live to be 84. I can't wait to be an grumpy old fart.
  21. Ok I agree, the average lifespan figures is just that an "average". But if you doubt statistics then all statistics are useless and that would result in anarchy.
  22. Don't get me wrong, the US medical system has a lot of advantages. You probably have the best medical R&D system in the world and other countries benefit immensely from it (I have had the Pfizer jab). But on the other hand, if you look at this image of world lifespans. In 2015 the average lifespan in the US in 2015 was 79, in the UK it was 81 and In Canada it was 82. I'd rather stay live to be 81 rather than 79.
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