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  1. That could end up being very good news indeed if it's a pattern throughout the world, if we finally get a variant that's highly contagious but with clearly milder symptoms. In the best case might end up effectively being a free vaccination with really unpleasant but not particularly dangerous side effects.
  2. That's at least a decent compensation for the job... Here the starting salaries are around 25k, and only few, and only in the private sector, will ever reach even 50k. Unsurprising that many are considering quitting even though luckily few have done so yet.
  3. It works the same way in the sense that cancer treatment for example is it's own department with it's own staff. But what's been happening here for example is that people from all departments have been moved to COVID and ICU departments and other operations scaled down. So everything takes a hit: ER, cancer, everything, when new ICU places are being created and people re-trained for those jobs.
  4. It's one of the weak points of western democracies that threats of summary execution upon failure rarely carry enough credibility to work as means of xetra motivation But on a more serious note - 6 months to train a covid nurse? Not my field so i won't say its impossible, but from my perspective, if someone started to compress engineering master's degrees to even 12-18-month intensive courses to get people out qualified for just one specific job , i wouldnt want to be involved with the products from any company employing those people... you just couldnt get the overall understanding of the processes and phenomena you're working with to the level you could be trusted to notice with any reliability when something starts going the wrong way or you're about to do something monumentally stupid. I won't say its definitively impossible in nursing since that's not my field and i'm not quialified to judge, but i'll just say i wouldnt want to be the patient treated by the crash-course-trained nurses...
  5. Not disagreeing in the sense that at least over here almost nothing has been done to improve the situation, but the other part of the reality is that what could have been done would realistically help us still very little if say the omikron-variant turns out to be both immunity-bypassing and no less virulent. At least over here, the real bottleneck is the number of trained staff. Nurses especially are poorly paid in the public sector and overworked to exhaustion by now so some have decided to simply quit and change either country or job, but this is a relatively small-scale effect, and also realistically no course of action could've put us in a position where we'd be more than slightly more prepared at this point. But yes, for the long term, there should've been lessons learned that apparently weren't.
  6. Every time I see Nu with N capitalised I read it as a Nusselt number... but i do see the point that avoiding the potential confusion of a "nju" or "new" variant being discussed. Xi vs Rho.. well, not at R yet but some regions, and their leaders, will presumably prove more equal than others....
  7. Actually it doesnt seem to be that - for some reason it seems unvaccinated are in fact registering as positives less as rate as well. I was wondering myself but looking at the tables of same data, the rates are in fact not per 100'000 population but per 100K vaccinated/unvaxxed. It's a curious result, although among the later graphs on hospitalization, ICU and death rates of vaccinated are lower by clear margin as one would expect. Perhaps an effect of remaining unvaccinated not inclined to get tested because it's just a flu anyway, or the vaccinated being inclined to socialize in public places more freely, or something else... In UK one would expect the vaxx/unvaxx bars close anyway, since the AZ is not doing that great to prevent infection with the delta, especially after some months have passed, and with 2-week period between the two shots as was done in the UK. But a bit surprising still.
  8. If something needs milk&sugar to become palatable, I consider it a sign it shouldn't be consumed in the first place.
  9. The fact that he killed 2 and wounded 3rd is irrelevant, issue is whether he was justified. In the odd chance you're not just trolling here, do check the videos before mouthing off any further. And please do respond to Ssnake's question, kind of curious...
  10. "A police car can be seen ramming the man into a building in a bid to stop him. The man then rushes the vehicle, opens the front passenger door and leans inside the car." Didn't really leave the police any options there, though i'm sure someone will still complain why they didn't shoot the knife off his hand instead or something...
  11. Looking at the videos the self-defence argument would seem to be pretty solid to a not-of-Sam layman viewed in isolation at least. Not sure what the local laws are though, can the fact that he was underage and not supposed to be armed in the first place turn into smth that he broke the gun laws, starting the whole chain of events, therefore guilty of of everything tha followed?
  12. Over here once the issues with AZ started to come out in spring, AZ was eventually relegated to only >65 year olds and then discontinued altogether, which with the 12-week gap between 1st and 2nd meant a lot of people got 1st AZ, 2nd Pfizer (or occasionally Moderna). So far at least seems their immune response has worked fine, and population of lizard people hasn't shown notable increase, either. But the possibility of dropping dead followed by hunting for brains after a 12-month incubation period cannot be ruled out, of course.
  13. Nope, for that the city has no authority obviously, but from city catering milk&meat was banned... made some waves in the social media here but drowning in work so havent had time to follow too closely. But apparently the ruling was made by bureucrats somewhere since the city council had earlier passed a vote only to reduce milk&meat consumption of city catering services by 50% by 2025, not 100% by 2022.
  14. and in the even longer run, even solar is not... the whole "renewable" is bit of red herring. Too many people draw equality signs in their minds between environmentally friendly & safe, renewable, and wind+solar. Nuclear has by any measure the least impact on both environment and human health&safety per kWh of power produced but it's become a hard sell to voters after decades of anti-nuclear propaganda, to the point that for many the idea of nuclear power as clean energy is entirely outside of Overton window. That doesn't leave me full of hope that von der Leyen would succeed to get nuclear included in the green taxonomy, but one can wish...
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