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  1. Love it, remember to camouflage my helmet with natural camo or lots of Hessian. Looked like a crawling bush πŸ˜‚
  2. Stefan, Pavel, thanks for the info!
  3. Long-range aviation visitors (16va.be) Same site, but also interesting reading material. Also the clickable maps.
  4. What a beast! I hope to see some of them at the Moscow may parade when it is possible to travel again....
  5. Lesley

    NASA G2

    I signed up to send my name to mars with the Perseverance mission (Send Your Name to Mars: Mars 2020 Perseverance (nasa.gov)) Funny thought that something with my name on a plate is driving on another planet. Even when earth is hit by a large meteor my name lives forth😎 I watched it live yesterday evening and its amazing technology. I'am very curious if they find proof of life.
  6. With the Able Archer exercise in mind and the (current) knowledge that the Soviets reacted in such a strong way, I think a real Soviet pre-emptive strike with fast aircraft on our nuclear capabilities would caught us off guard. Of course Soviet aircraft would be shot down by AD and QRA aircraft but a few nuclear detonations on western countries were the local population doesn't know s... what is going on and NATO troops not involved in exercises doing their normal day-to-day routine would create a immense chaos political as well as military. BTW interesting Russian doc about the long range aviation! Regards
  7. RETAC, you sure got my dull, lockdown, curfew evening a lot more interesting πŸ˜„
  8. Agree, Speaking for the Dutch army and air force (HAWK and NIKE SAM units) in Germany. The ground troops had an alert system for in the weekend but a lot of conscripts drove back to their homes in the Netherlands. So the ground units had to return to their units in Germany. The Dutch SAM units, which were part of the NATO missile belt in Germany had a roster so that they were operational 24/7. Air Defence in the Netherlands in the weekend........ the air base air defence was equipped with HAWK missiles and 40L70s but were all at their peacetime locations. Only on exercises the guns and missiles were deployed around the airfield(s). The nuclear artillery rounds and missiles (Lance) were stored at (by the Soviets) well known places. So if I was a Soviet planner I took my changes during the weekend. Regards
  9. I doubt it as the DA was disbanded as separate force and the strategic bombers were divided into three air armies. These air armies were reunified in 1988 to form Long Range Aviation Command. About the 4th belonging to the Northern Group of forces I seem, indeed, to be wrong. It seems the 4 VA was an independent air army under direct command of HQ Western Strategic direction. Anyway, after all those years still interesting and if others have better info, please share! Regards,
  10. Blinder over Berlin (16va.be) Some interesting reading
  11. Yes and the 4th was part of the Northern Group of Forces with HQ in Legnica. Regards
  12. About those Su-24, it were the following units 116th Ftr Bomber Rgt at Brand which got their Su-24 Fencer-Bs and Cs in 1981 and converting to the Su-24M Fencer-D in 1985. One Squadron of the Brand Fencer-Cs went to the 497th Fighter Bomber Rgt at Grossenhain to reequip that Su-17 unit with Su-24 Fencer-C and Ds s pending the delivery of more Su-24s and conversion of the two other squadrons at Grossenhain. Both indeed swapped for MiG-27s
  13. I did a search but could not find it on this forum but I was under the impression that there were a limited number of models of T-72 in the eighties; a T-72A early, standard and rebuild. Only for Soviet army use. And for export, including Warsaw Pact states, the T-72M, the T-72M late production and the T-72M1. The East Germans had a T-72UV1 (31 received in 1981) and T-72UV2 (23 in 1986) which was a variant of the the T-72M late production build by Bumar-ŁabΔ™dy" S.A. in Poland. UV meaning UbergangsVersion/intermediate version. If I go on the hullnumbers for Polish and Czechoslovak production it is only T-72M, M1 and UV. For example the Czechoslovak system is; All serials starts with a three letter code (for example MHY), followed by a letter indicating the type; T – T-72M, TM - MTU-72 and VT is a T-72TK. The next two are the production number followed by a letter indicating the month of production; A – January, B – February, C- March, H – May, K – June, M – July, N – August, P – September, T – November, Z- December. The last two letters indicating the year of production; MP – 1979, MS – 1980, NA – 1981, NB – 1982, NC – 1983, ND – 1984, NH – 1985, NK – 1986, NM – 1987, NN – 1988, NP – 1989. An example of a serial number; MHY T 17 T NA; November 1981 built, T-72M This particular serial was delivered to the East German army. The Polish system; The first letter is indicating the year of production. Known letter – year combinations are; A – 1983, B – 1984, C – 1985, D – 1986, E – 1987 and F – 1988. The next two digits are the month of production followed by a letter/cipher combination possible indicating the sub variant; JN,JLK – T-72M, JLN[?] – T-72M Interim and LM1N – T-72M1. As last a three digit number which is probably the production number. Could be that I'am completely wrong so please enlighten me.. Regards, Lesley
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