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  1. No, T-72 is a very difficult target for a Chieftain frontally.
  2. Supposed to be around 50t as I understand it, but can't be directly compared to existing designs since the turret weight should be far smaller as it's unmanned. The weight of the hull may be comparable to that of Western MBTs or even greater since protection should concentrate there, and pretty much every subsystem except for the gun is supposed to be in the hull.
  3. The above is the current state of things. The way it is expected to evolve is, in addition to above, + low-light television channel + near infra-red + two-band thermal (3-5 and 8-12 nm) + mmw channel + lidar channel What's more important here is that "multichannel" implies composite picture from several channels
  4. I am not as yet allowed to *know* much All I can say is the thing absolutely does exist, and is proving to be very challenging to all the subcontractors taking part in it, so there is a good —Āhance the armor fans will not be disappointed when it makes the appearance. All I know are generalities - 7 roadwheels, crew in the hull, armament of larger caliber, multichannel sights - everything is quite vague.
  5. Yeah, for the POS sci-fi movie Obitaemyi ostrov/Inhabited island.
  6. That is not to say (just in order to make things clear) that I am not of a very poor opinion of the article that started this. It's just that I found it amazing that people chose to concentrate on the real and imagined weak points of the article, engaging in rather distasteful attacks on my country in the process, yet completely ignore the main significance of the article, which to me is, that Russia, in its NATO representative, expresses support for the multinational mission in Afghanistan, criticizes the disengagement sentiments that are becoming increasingly more common in Europe and in the
  7. I agree, that's the most important point. However you probably don't mean the same as I would with this. To me, this experience being, that when you have an enemy superpower actively helping the insurgency, undermining your nation-building efforts, and countering your attempts at winning hearts with their entire propaganda machine, then the attempt to control the insurgency is indeed likely to spiral out of control. NATO is barely holding the things together there as it were, just what effect on the NATO body count would have had 8-years' worth of an enemy superpower's active aid to the Tali
  8. If you find it amazing, perhaps this means your whole overarching geopolitical picture is just a load of crap? One may idly wonder if the poster truly believes that the term "pluralist civil society" accurately describes the current Afghan regime, whereas thugocracy plus perhaps kleptocracy does not, but I am rather curious just how statements like these are compatible with the forum's ROE. That's pretty typical of a monarchical state. Entire country working to make a capital (rather, selected neighborhoods of the capital actually) a wonderful place. Your point was?
  9. The autotranslation manages fine with plain text but fails miserably with technical terms, especially acronyms. In particular things will become much clearer if MSA is replaced with FCS, BPS with APFSDS, and DMZ with ERA
  10. This is certainly not a can of worms anyone would want to open. No, Russia inherited all USSR treaties and obligations including this one, but my understanding is that this treaty deals specifically with laser weapons designed to cripple humans (rather than crippling optics and being dangerous to humans merely as a side effect). For the same reason recent US and Russian experiments with high-powered battlefield lasers are not violating it.
  11. Hardly new, the Sonderkommando used these tactics against the Partisans in occupied Soviet territories, and I am sure they didn't invent them either. In some notable cases, people framed in this manner and executed by a partisan reprisal raid had no relation to the resistance in the first place. I.e. such techniques can backfire. Same here (substitute condensed milk etc for Viagra)
  12. That's what I thought, just don't have a manual at hand to look it up. A PITA perhaps, but at least an out-of-engagement PITA. Sure beats IMO the Soviet school of thought where you need to replace an ammo box every 250 rounds in the middle of engagement in the confines of a small turret... as a small consolation the spent brass box holds 500 casings and links though.
  13. Out of curiosity, are those 20 boxes linked together to form an uninterrupted 4000-round supply, or something needs to be done by some crew member at every box-full of ammo (except for throwing out the used casings obviously)?
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