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  1. Three Czech soldiers (from the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade) were killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. One American and two Afghan soldiers were injured.
  2. Oh yeah, everyone who kick over your favourite troll is commie, I get it. Heck, if basically ALL the British posters here, who are otehrwise about as contrarian among themselves as possible in the best British traditions, are telling you the same, simple thing (He was not arrested for speech but for actions, fdor actions he already got slapped for before and got out of punishment by sob story, similar limits on reporting from cases are not unusual in British justice to make sure everone gets the fair trial guaranteed by laws of the land), I would stop and think whether, maybe, this may be the truth, far simpler than conspiracy webs spun by the twat himself and his friends. But hey... Everyone who does notr grant him martyrdom, sainthood and victimhood is a communist, bolivarista, corbynista etc., sure... Sigh.
  3. Hooah on a submarine? I tought it was Army thing and Navy kept some class. What's wrong with "Aye aye, Sir!"?
  4. Well, I had dense clouds. That, in a majestic "fuck you" from the weather troll, went away shortly after the eclipse ended.
  5. Oh yeah, Do-17, He-111, Ju-88, Do-177... Condor... The options are there. And for Pacific have the Catalina Also did not know what Emergency Dive really does until I lost the mechanic (who was just fixing engine). So went gull haem and had my bombardier and radio operator fixing outboard engines while landing Seems that landing was not harmful. And mission after that the tail got shot off and I lost almost the entire crew...
  6. Oh yeah, wonder if they'd be able to convert it... In any case, even just sticking with bombing you can have a lot of planes, potentially, with different sized crews forcing you to strategize mission by mission... I mean, for a Mosquito Pathfinder mission, do you take your Bombardier, your Navigator or your Radar guy as the second crew member? Heck, you can include even PR planes Though TBH the solo plane missions feel lik,e theyh'd be just right for Coastal Command as well. A lot of lonely patrols...
  7. Is there any way to change planes that I missed? Would love to have all the RAF classics, from Blenheim to the Lancaster (and some Lend Leases maybe? ) I mean expansion pack "Coastal Command" would also be fun. Liberators with rockets and all that... That being said, got it as well (still during the sales) and if US version comes out, I'm in as well
  8. TBH that would be hilarious to watch. We already have the US political system run as a reality show slash telenovella slash angsty teen twitter feed, why not up the ante?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJrfklAAYfU Avesome renders, pushing our models to the extreme...
  10. Tbh I shudder to think what a deal offered by Trump would look like given his outlook on trading partners as enemies and weaker partners as someone to bail out on... And also TBH, it would seem that to get as hard Brexit as possible EU needs to do exactly nothing. I mean that is the "no effort" option... And UK did not do too good job at trying to make any EU country stand for it ( do not forget all have a vote in this).
  11. Roman, I take it you never went through Duty Free stores on the way from Russia? People bring all sorts of trophies, even just looking at colleagues travelling. To claim someone carrying perfume in luggage from Russia would be unusual is really just like saying nobody would carry wine to France (did do several times) or high grade alcohol to Russia etc. Please try to find less absurd lines of defense, right now it looks a bit like "not a step back"
  12. Dunno, carried a lot ofore fragile things on normal luggage without them getting broken. On the other hand... Having British counterintelligence spot your embassy driver giving something to a person unknown before the attack would be pretty risky. Nobody notices tourists.
  13. Or in a box as a gift. Diplomatic bag would probably bring more scrutiny and contact with the embassy staff who may be under surveillance... Private citizen bringing in gift-wrapped perfume? No problem at all.
  14. Throw trade barriers? UK wants out of the club, fine. UK wants access to shared market? Fine, let's do a deal. UK does not agree to the deal? Standard WTO rules. That's not "throwing barriers", that's "ending exclusive partnership". Then again maybe that is the same in a world where you consider trading partners foes.
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