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  1. And another girls blouse on my ignore list. Though I find adult males acting like kindergarden girls rather amusing - assuming of course you are an adult.
  2. So basically, the US would need to import doctors from abroad, as everyone in the US is accusing their political opponents of putting their partisan beliefs before professional competences. Doctors in the post-purge US medical profession would as rare as mammals just post of the giant dino-killing space rock.
  3. Seems to be happening sometimes, when young people are vaccinated. Here, it seems to be ascribed to fear of needles and the general hysteria of young people.....
  4. In some forms of modern socialism, perhaps. But Old School Socialists had little use for the Lumpenprolitariat.
  5. Someone accidentally hit the "Suicide Ship Bomb" button.
  6. So the USS McClellan, then... 😁
  7. Similar thing is observed i Denmark. Hundreds of young people lost their jobs in restaurants and bars, but found new employment as nose-swabbers at the many covid-19 test facilities. Now that restaurants and bars have reopenened, they have difficulties attracting former staff, because nose-poking pays better and may also be an easier job.
  8. Even if they rarely got to fire at German tanks, they were getting shot at alot. Guess it goes with the territory - AT-gunners live their lives dug in where the shit is expected to hit the fan.
  9. Allegedlly, the Centurion Mk III tank would consumate 1 liter of fuel pr. 30 meters off-road in hilly terrain.
  10. Or... is that just what the goverment wants you to think....?
  11. I must have missed that part? All the particapants had masks and none were infected, but where does it say specifically that the lack of infection can be contributed to the use of masks?
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