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  1. Brand new Leopard would take months to be built. You could send those A4 from stocks, but T-72M4CZ are more advanced.
  2. Tank probably overhauled at Kiev Armour Repair Factory http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2-LMyW38gJg/VCbntFRHj_I/AAAAAAAAFsM/nViyODlJMKI/s1600/gi-7216-34696-big.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-3sW8_jKW8P0/VCbnuISHebI/AAAAAAAAFsU/4hiMdhz64vg/s1600/gi-7216-34702-big.jpg http://alejandro-8.blogspot.com/2014/09/fabrica-de-reparacion-de-tanques-de.html
  3. Czech Republic could be getting Leo 2A4/A7 in exchange of T-72M1 and M4 that would be donated to Ukraine. https://ekonomickydenik.cz/ceska-republika-ziska-nejmodernejsi-tanky-leopard/
  4. I have never seen Russian tanks with ammunition stored outside. Back in Chechnya firing would be coordinated in such a way that a tank can go to get ammunition (it was called carrousel). Some crews would carry extra ammunition in the fuel tank storage, which is considered the safest outside carrousel. A propellent fire is not necessarily enough to make the turret pop up.
  5. Thanks for the link Roman. It seems that nobody remembers wars in Chechnya (about tanks no being used in cities). When they referred to the ammunition, does it include the propellant charges? I was discussing it's role on why T-XX turrets pop up. They are placed in conformal tanks and containers (only bottom part exposed to sparks and fragments), but videos in Syria show the propellent cooking off before explosion. Can the fire extinguishing system cope before projectiles are ignited?
  6. But you could also argue that Russia had more to win by keeping frozen conflict. This war is going to to cost billions, and will have long term consequences (Finland and Sweden joining NATO). As the French Intelligence stated, he had better options.
  7. No updates because there is no proof. T-90 is an evolution which started from a T-72 with a T-80U/UD FCS. I don't know of any foreign components except thermal sight, but nowayds Russia produce their own matrices. Even if it was not available, they could replace it with another model
  8. IIRC the only difference was a taller hangar, not an issue if you want to buy another helicopter.
  9. The situation with the water is much more complicated. On April 26 2014, Ukraine blocked the locks of the North Crimean Canal, via which water from the Dnieper River was channeled to the Crimean peninsula. Since that time Moscow has provided only temporary solutions. Crimea consumes about two billion cubic meters of water a year, out of which 80 percent is used for agriculture. In normal natural conditions Ukraine provided one billion cubic meters of water along the North Crimean Canal and the rest flowed into reservoirs from local wells and runoffs. The Russian Agriculture Ministry estimates that Crimea's agriculture alone could lose up to 120,000 hectares of terrain due to water supply problems, which would cost 5 billion rubles ($74 million) and 180,000 jobs. Creating its own water intakes will not solve the problem. According to Crimean Ecology and Wildlife Minister Gennady Narayev, three new intakes, which will be built by the end of the year, will produce a total of only 195,000 cubic meters daily. The modernization of Crimea's water supply infrastructure (74.4 percent of which was in need of repair by 2013, and whose water supply networks lose 20-25 percent of the water) will also not help Crimea. Some have suggested solving the problem through additional pumping from subterranean sources. A year ago the Crimean authorities noted that the north-eastern part of the peninsula may contain large underground reserves of fresh water. "It is important that these wells are renewed. The water in these sources, if used reasonably, is inexhaustible," said Rustam Temirgaliyev, First Deputy Chairman of Crimea's Council of Ministers. A sunny future in Russia: Developing alternative energy sources Yury Shevchenko, Chairman of the Agrarian, Ecology and Natural Resource Policy Committee at the Crimean State Duma, cautioned: "If we use underground water thoughtlessly, without limits, in the end it will become salt water.” Meanwhile, Chairman of the Ecology and Peace Association of the Crimean Republic Viktor Tarasenko affirms that artesian wells will be effective only for 2-3 years, after which the ground will become salty. As of today, the only alternative to the North Crimean Canal may be the construction of desalination plants (the overall cost of the project, including infrastructure construction and other work, may total $800 million, while the cost of desalinated water is $0.20-0.35 per cubic meter) or laying a water pipeline from Kuban (the cost of which is estimated at more than $1 billion). However, these projects are not even being studied in preliminary discussions. https://www.rbth.com/politics_and_society/2015/12/05/will-crimeas-energy-bridge-save-it-from-dependency-on-ukraine_547719 Statistics comparing Crimea in 2013 and 2018. There is a section on agriculture when the shift to vegetables that require less water is seen. https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3909406?from=doc_vrez#id1721457
  10. A desalination facility is fixed, not so easy to order it somewhere else and then ship it to Crimea. Also, the situation has not been that critical. Water was cut during a number of hours per day on certain periods, but this also happens in the south Spain during the summer.
  11. Crimea is under sanctions and no Western companies can work there without risk of sanctions. A few years ago Siemens got into trouble because some turbines were installed in the region (they had been bought for another location). Russia did make some changes to save water, like changing agricultural products which are grown there to species that don't need so much water. There were plans for desalination plants and also create a pipe with mainland Russia.
  12. You could also say the same about fielding tanks in the parade. According to Ukrainian sources Russia has used Kh-22 missiles in Ukraine for the first time. Any idea of the useful life and how it can be extended? These missiles are from the 60s/70s. https://defence-ua.com/army_and_war/rashisti_dlja_udariv_po_ukrajini_vpershe_zastosuvali_radjanski_krilati_raketi_h_22-7278.html
  13. Nice, presence of T-84 now confirmed.
  14. Do they really need the island to impose a naval blockade? By having ships outside Neptune range it should be pretty safe, as UkAF does not have many vectors capable of attacking ships (with large AT missiles, not the ones used by Bayraktar drones). Also, who is going to risk avoiding the blockade?
  15. Also stated to be Su-25 from 299° Tactical Brigade.
  16. Ukraine asks for HIMARS. I was wondering if there is an export variant with limited range (280km), or some ammunition will not be exported.
  17. D'oh my mistake... Also in Mariupol.
  18. T-64BV in Mariupol, 22nd of April.
  19. Article in Ukrainian portal defence-ua on number of Iskander missiles in stock before the war and used so far. IMO the figure given at the start of the war (~900) is too low considering there are 14 brigades. https://defence-ua.com/weapon_and_tech/skilki_raket_do_iskanderiv_ta_krilatih_kalibriv_sche_zalishilosja_u_rosiji_kilkisni_otsinki-7231.html
  20. Not really, there were some articles a few years ago about Hungary trying to sell the aircraft. Information on offer to Serbia was from previous discussions. https://bbj.hu/budapest/culture/history/no-bids-for-decommissioned-mig-29s
  21. That news is from mid April. 6 MiG-29 are left in Moldova but they have not flown for years and would have to be overhauled (which takes 12-18 months). A few years ago they were offered for sale at 8,5 million $ but there were no takers. Hungary also has a number of MiG-29s in storage. They were offered for sale as well - 19 MiG-29s, 20 spare engines and 300 parts for just 10 million $, but no takers either. Serbia inspected the MiGs and concluded they were in a bad condition (patchy maintenance, poor documentation...)
  22. Interesting, do you know how the mechanism is activated? Is it only pressing a button? Gun was away from driver's hatch anyway.
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