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  1. This is a beautiful depiction of tanks, but it has no soul. You're effectively playing for a very expensive screenshot simulator. And unless it's changed since it was officially released, it's very much a tank game inside of a flight sim. The control scheme is complicated and difficult to figure out when it doesn't need to be, and remapping the controls is similarly a headache. I remember trying out the SU-122 in one of the quick battles just to try it out and I kept getting hammered by halftracks and Stug IIBs because I couldn't figure out how to 1) get to the gunner position (it apparently w
  2. The December teaser video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNH_nPvRO3I
  3. Promising but a very long and difficult development road ahead of them. I'll check back in 3-4 years to see where they are.
  4. I really love the game. t's not the cleanest release, sure, but it's got style and substance. I don't know any open world game that's had a clean release, but I'm pretty far into the game now and I haven't had any game breaking bugs or performance issues, just some minor glitchy stuff. I can see the ambition CDPR had any sometimes I notice where they fell short, but to be honest it doesn't bother me. I also love that the game is like an alternate timeline of the 1980s - like the worst fears of the Reagan era realized. This world fits in with the Blade Runner and Robocop and Predat
  5. Seven tons each. Can't even sling load 'em on a Blackhawk. I like the idea - and I'm not totally sure if these are supposed to be the vehicles that support an infantry squad - but that's pretty heavy, especially since it can only carry about 3.5ish tons. What is the purpose of these specific vehicles, anyway? Log? Recce?
  6. https://twitter.com/CMC_MarineCorps/status/1300513520052776961 CMC talking about the need for a new light amphibious warship.
  7. Necroposting, but I blame the absence of a proper search function, The Navy is retiring the first four LCSes (OCIR = Out of Commission In Reserve). Has there ever been a USN ship class that has started retirement even before all the build orders are complete? The Coronado was only commissioned 6 years ago. USS FREEDOM 31 Mar 2021 OCIR (LCS 1) USS INDEPENDENCE 31 Mar 2021 OCIR (LCS 2) USS FORT WORTH 31 Mar 2021 OCIR (LCS 3) USS CORONADO 31 Mar 2021 OCIR (LCS 4) https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/reference/messages/Documents/NAVADMINS/NAV2020/
  8. They're not even keeping a minimal capability in the Reserve?
  9. Harry Yeide's books are among my favorite. I wish he was around here...
  10. I'm hesitant to ressurect this topic, but I did a forum search (via google) for updates to the program and didn't find anything explicit. Anyway, the Army has downselected two vehicles for test batches of 12 vehicles each. The BAE M8 (newest pic I could find, only a partial for some reason): ​ And the GDLS Griffon-derived (unnamed?) light tank:
  11. There were Chieftains in the game, but at least in the last version I played you couldn't control them. Only T-62 and M60A1.
  12. That summarizes my entire experience with mathematics. If only I could have applied it practically, I would have been far more interested. Statistics was the only math that really got my interest.
  13. IIRC the Navy has talked about shopping construction to at least one other yard to increase the rate of production. Not sure if that will be Austal or someone else.
  14. I thought Inoticed your handle on the discord. When I signed up for the steel beasts beta team, we were I thought headed towards a simulation based on the cold war environment. I still yearn for something in that realm, and I dont really care at this point how lite it is. Heck, Id even take something in the M1 tank platoon 2 mould. I want tanks to be fun again. Steel Beasts is fun, if I'm in the mood to be in a combined arms team again. War Thunder is sometimes fun, when I don't want to throw it out the window because something bizarre happened (HEAT round impacts a towing lug and my ta
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