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  1. If y'all are interested, someone took the audiobook for RSR and made some visuals to go along with some of the chapters. It's pretty good.
  2. It's a really impressive investment, and really smart to go for co-production and other offsets. I'm happy to see ROK defense industries stepping out onto the world stage in a big way. I hope this gets fulfilled and sets the standard for other countries in Europe who need to shake off some cobwebs. If Ukraine survives the present conflict they might do well to follow Poland's lead and, to the extent that they can, start rearmament with some co-production deals that aim for commonality with their closest friends.
  3. Was Australia ditching its Tigers the canary in the coal mine?
  4. I loved that game. Never had a satisfactory outcome, but damn I loved it.
  5. Yep, makes sense. The Army refers to the Pandurs ARSOF uses as AGMS. I guess they're happy with them.
  6. I just wanna know why/how this beat out the BAE submission, which was smaller, lighter, more mature, had a 120mm prototype, had a hybrid-electric drive prototyped, and didn't require an M88 or a HET to move around.
  7. So... Gjaavins? 😆
  8. How many can a B-52 or B-1 carry and launch at one time?
  9. One of the Flak Towers is now an aquarium. Worth a visit. Also, the military museum in Vienna is definitely worth a visit.
  10. I'm so torn about this.
  11. Seems to be a mistake to me. You need HETs to move the GDLS vehicle and M88s to recover it. The BAE vehicle could use capabilities already organic in light units at least.
  12. Hadn't seen this kind of camo before. Is it just the normal Russian tri-color with the green painted over with white?
  13. Hello fellows, I've only just started scratching this itch, so it's possible I just haven't dug into it enough, but does anyone know of notional Tables of Organization and/or Equipment for heavy tank/tank destroyers the US Army came up with in 42-45? I'm thinking of things that outlined the M6 Heavy Tank unit organizations, or orgs that might have been on the drafting table when the T29 heavy was ordered for production. Likewise T/Os that might have existed to T28/T95 assault gun. In this initial research, I've found heavy tank organizations in 1927 (a regimental organization for Mk VIIIs) and 1947 (90mm gun tanks), but nothing in between. I'm curious to see if they were planned for incorporation in armored divisions or as independent tank battalions (or even companies?) and how maintenance and logistics would have been handled for them
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