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  1. One thing I would like to add about the Zouaves is that many were formed from fire brigades. Fireman basically. I believe the North had alot more then the South. The one unique unit I can think of from the South is the Louisiana Tigers. They had striped pants similiar to the picture posted. Zouaves weren't considered elite units, but the had plenty of guts to cover themselves in glory. Not to say that some were above the rest in abilities, anyone who could stand in a line and fire at each other at less than 100yds, gets my respect!
  2. Thank You for the pictures! He is what I imagined he would have looked like!
  3. I am saddened at his loss! RIP!!! Though we not ever meet, we shared a common bond as Correctional Officers. To see that he has passed is a shock to me! I loved reading his posts..one especially struck a cord with me. His wisdom will be missed!!
  4. Watched Blind Side tonight. Really enjoyed it! A real "feel good" movie! Sandra Bulloch is great and very hot in this She can spank me anytime Tim McGraw sure looks alot like his Dad..... Tug!
  5. Pulp Fiction is great IMO!! Love that movie and I watch it everytime I get the chance!
  6. I really don't think they will kill the Captain. After he briefly escaped, they had their chance to do it but chose not to. They would have nothing to gain but heaven if they had. I hope we don't pay a ransom and as I see it, why not shoot at the boat? If anything it would scare the hell out of those jackasses and let them know we mean business! If they killed the Captian, they gain nothing because they would be dead themselves. I say, attack! Force their hand. They do this for money to provide for their families. From what I see, the pirates don't want to die. Just my 2 cents! I see we are moving more ships to the area. Do you suppose we will hit their bases? Boots on the ground and all?
  7. War is never a good thing, but I do hope that Israel does not back down from International pressure and take's it to them once and for all! On a side note, can anyone tell me what the purpose is of the IDF wearing those "mesh" looking things on their helmets?
  8. I didn't know that. What about the guns? Are they the original ones?
  9. I had a chance to see her in 1995 while on vacation in Philly. I thought it was pretty cool. I have a picture of myself standing next to one of the turrets. A nice piece of history.
  10. I kind of thought that's what they were, but wasn't too sure. Are these fuel tanks supposed to replace the external or are the a supplement? Again Thanks!
  11. Last night I watched the 60 Minutes story on the IDF. I noticed that their F-16's have an add on just above each wing. Can anyone tell me what that is for? Thanks
  12. You are correct. For some reason I had him in mind when I posted. I meant Hardegen.
  13. Operation Drumbeat is the book's name I was thinking of. It is written by Michael Gannon.
  14. There is a book out there, the name escapes me at the moment, that details U-Boat journies to the states. Gunther Prien was one of the commanders in the book. My 9th grade science teacher was a kid in New York during WW2. He used to tell us stories of life jackets, bodies, cargo, etc. washing up on shore. I have also read where the Germans were surprised when they reached the shores of the U.S., that blackout's weren't in operation. It made it easy for them to target ships that were outlined by the lights of the cities. New York was one of them as well as some cities in the Gulf of Mexico.
  15. I have never seen Civ 1,2, or 3. I am playing Age of Empires right now. Would I like Civ 3? Sounds like a fun game but I have seen up and down reviews. Thanks
  16. Name: Dave Ruples Age: 34 Country: USA, Wisconsin Service: None Interest: Military History, The outdoors, Raising my daughter, dogs. American Football is a passion. GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!! Found the old Tanknet awile back and liked what I was reading. Been hooked ever since. Comments: I enjoy the diverse views and comments that are expressed on this site. Haven't found anything quite like this and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
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