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  1. Followed by "Black 6, this is White One. I need an 88. Over."
  2. W. Germany Version: "Hey Sarge, Hand me a bier out of the grenade launchers."
  3. I disagree. The passives on the M60A2 were good out to 1000m and on a good clear moonlit night maybe farther than that.
  4. No Texans speaking up for the Texas National Army, i.e. the 36th Division?
  5. "Man, it's hot. Sarge, could you hand me a Coke down out of the cooler?
  6. It's not common, but it's not unheard of to upgrade DSC's to MoH. It happened 20-odd times in the 1990's alone.
  7. That's been my experience with camoflage schemes in Europe and the U.S. Midwest, too.
  8. I really like my No.1 Mk VI, but I've not fired it in a couple of years.
  9. The M60A2....still helping to make friends 37 years after being taken out of service.
  10. That must have been a A1 thing.
  11. It seems to be waiting patiently for a recovery vehicle.
  12. I seem to remember a horrendous crash of a C130 doing that at Ft Bragg 10-15 years ago.
  13. My first impression is that Vista is heavy on security (which is good) and graphically it looks like it's set up for old people. Right up my alley. It was very easy to set up a network here at home
  14. I bought a new machine today, and it happened to be loaded on it. It wasn't the reason I bought a new machine, but it seems OK.
  15. Where is Pat Buchanan when you need him?
  16. There are two on Ebay right now. One is a regular kit on auction with several days left, and the other is a motorized kit with a buy-it-now price of $70 bucks. Try searching for M60A2
  17. I saw two Tamiya kits at a local hobby store- Tom Metzlers. They were priced at about $50.
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