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  1. I just wonder if we will ever know how many were actually sick or died from COVID 19 in China.
  2. Still playing. Generally enjoy the game. Not good at it still, but I don't work at it either. I play because I like tanks and the tanks look good. I hate Arty and those wheeled demons. Once I had an 120mm AP round only do a critical hit to an armored car. Hit the side and the little demon never stopped. They drive me crazy. But I like tanks.
  3. Edmund

    Meet Tank

    After 32 years together it was my wife's idea. She is a strong women, but even she can only take so much torture.
  4. Edmund

    Meet Tank

    Between the two of them they only eat 30 pounds of dog food a week.
  5. Edmund

    Meet Tank

    Tank is an English Mastiff. The other dog is Willow. She 10 months old and is 85 pounds. She is a Mastiff Anatolian Sheppard mix. The sofa is a love seat with a middle cup holders and storage.
  6. That is impressive. I presume the Queen also owns (in her own right) large estates too.
  7. I thought I had read somewhere that the Royal family had large revenues from holdings or estates. Something about the revenue being greater than the civil list or grant. Is this true or false?
  8. So I got a dog in June of 2019. Even though he was small and only 11 pounds (See first Picture), I named him Tank. I even got him an ID tag (See second picture). So at 6 months he looked like this and was 90 pounds (See third picture dated 2019-11-3 [Dog on the left]). He is a little bigger now at almost 7 months. Sorry no picture. Just thought I would share Pictures of Tank.
  9. My wife and I were running Fortnite together. Not Battle Royale for reasons explained further. Just save the world. Anyway we are frustrated with some of the later missions. No one else plays save the world so we are trying to do missions that require four players. Also, there have a lot of changes and we are a little frustrated. So we are looking for a replacement multiplayer game. We don't want to fight other players, and my wife doesn't want to battle "people", she wants zombies or monsters. The building defenses was nice too. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Yes that was helpful. Is there a manual on game play? I have to admit that I am somewhat intimidated by Steel beasts. I imagine that with a technical and realistic game it is very complex. Can a average (or below - Less than 47% win rate) WOT player handle Steel beasts? I am presuming that most major tanks are available. Favorites for modern-ish are Cent, Conquerer, Chieftain, Challengers 1 + 2, Abrams (All flavors), M-60, Leopards (All flavors), and Leclerc. Almost forgot. Can I play with other people? My brother and I play WOT together. Thanks.
  11. Snake. I looked at the Esim page. I never owned Steel beasts. I am confused on what version to buy. I don't need old versions ( I think). Some help please.
  12. Haggar started in early 2011. 40K battles. Last played 11/23/19. I am not good, but I like tanks so I play it. I have 190+ tanks.
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