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  1. FIsrael and Israelis seem more invested in a sense of control WRT Iran than ever before. Cannot really blame them for that based on how much rope the previous administration in Washington gave them. But unfortunately for them, such control belongs best at the UNSC P5/G20 level, aka above their pay grade. We shall see if all the new American president’s men and women understand this.
  2. Sitzkrieg 1941 is not a viable strategy alternative to Barbarossa. Neither is it in the nature of a Hitler and the German Army at this point in time. I wouldn’t put invading Switzerland(!) past them if no other operations present themselves. WRT Lend-Lease, the British Empire’s credit rating is good, and America clearly will let it buy as much as it wants on layaway. Trying to beat the Empire at strategic/economic warfare when it is being bankrolled by a gradually mobilizing United States makes marching toward oblivion/Moscow actually sound appealing in various ways.
  3. A raid of that nature would imply a situation slipping out of Israel's control. Or a gambit to regain it.
  4. Germany would much rather welcome Turkey as a partner race to be rewarded, I think. A rational Turkish leader would hopefully draw lessons from the aborted British expedition to Greece, and view things similarly. In any case, dire political threats are worth a try. WRT there being nothing except worthless territory for the Wehrmacht to capture beyond the edges of Mitteleuropa, that may be true, but that also never stopped it from marching to oblivion/Moscow, either. The Turks are going to be difficult. It seems to be something of a habit with them, whether they are fighting p
  5. There is also the strategic question of initiative and whether German fighter jets would be able to force the RAF to switch over to the defensive after 1943. Hard to see this happening without a significant German bomber arm to complement them.
  6. Not ideal distances by any stretch of the imagination. It should be pointed out in the cases of Berlin to Moscow, Tripoli to Alexandria, and Berlin to Athens, however, that they did not deter the Axis from attempting them. (Perhaps they should have.) Unfortunately for the Germans in this hypothetical, I don't see an alternative offensive option around these distances for them. One wildcard is how amenable the Soviets would be to events as they unfold, as one historical given in Germany's favor is that it outmaneuvered Britain politically by beating it to a pact with the USSR in 1939,
  7. T-shirt of the month. In all seriousness, considering his New York roots and Florida/spring training love, Donald would have made an excellent owner of the Mets.
  8. Giants-Dodgers Opening Day in a nutshell. It is the American way
  9. This Austin fellow seems to understand what major powers respect and fear in various ways. Less saber rattling, more substance. I think that is a generation or two away, minimum. There has not been enough deviation from the Beijing/Taipei political status quo to warrant otherwise.
  10. The lines of communication will be difficult for the Axis to maintain. Impossible I think if the British are not defeated in detail in this theater. If they are, however, the USSR and Stalin's greed/opportunism will become a factor in both those lines of communication and the future of Persia as an independent state. So too will the allegiance of the Empire's less-reliable subjects, with dominoes perhaps falling all the way to the prize: India. (One critical variable in this setting, among others mentioned, is how open Berlin will be to cooperation with the USSR if it decides not to inva
  11. Not as much without a complementary move in support of North Africa via Turkey. Compelling the British to fight on 2 land fronts in the same theater gives Rommel the freedom to tie down superior British forces to the best of his ability, while relieving him of the pressure to force the semi-impregnable Alamein bottleneck unless the opportunity arises (such as the British deciding to fight him in Cyrenaica). I think a successful North African campaign alone leaves British ground forces intact enough to contain the Axis at Suez. Manstein's Turkish campaign gives the Wehrmacht a chance
  12. I have spent a few days looking through my books for a primary citation for the 6600 tons of Chinese gold seized at Nanking in 1937 and am not finding one at the moment. Online references to that figure do not appear to be referenced very well. There was clearly some appropriation of the Chinese national gold reserve in the aftermath (Japan and Japanese would not let such a spoil of war go unclaimed), but the figure of 6600 tons should be in doubt unless a primary source is available.
  13. "I think if we planted our batteries in Hell, the Yankees would take them from us." God is a Yankee
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