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  1. We're both part of the same hypocrisy. But never think it applies to Andrew Corleone's family.
  2. Jesus H... --- As Japan plunges towards the Olympics, the baffling mystery of who is responsible for thousands of ruined vaccine doses is gripping the country. June 30, 2021 Jake Adelstein and Chihiro Kai All across Japan, it seems that some people may be pulling the plugs on refrigerators holding anti-COVID vaccines. While some of the incidents may be accidents, it appears that many of these reported cases were deliberate. And with thousands of doses already lost and the apparent sabotage showing no signs of slowing down, Japanese police are beginning to investigate why this is happening...
  3. The fuel facilities could have consisted of a single, easily destroyed shed, and they would have likely been safe from IJN attack. The question is, why would it? Obscuring the second-wave's capital ship targets with millions of gallons of fuel going up in smoke, and the possibility of giving cooler USN heads an excuse not to travel across the Pacific for The Day for a lack of fuel, were probably not on the IJN's agenda for December 7, 1941. Nor should they have been. The difficulty in destroying the USN's capacity to fuel itself would have been well known to the IJN, given the years they had to analyze it.
  4. Your Imperial Majesty, could you explain why it took until July to set an example to the People for the safety of the Nation? Another question that, as my wife has discovered in her (hopefully temporary) excommunication by her extended family members in Japan, must never be asked, apparently.
  5. An important caveat is that it is an editorial article, not a peer-reviewed one.
  6. Destroying the oil tanks might otherwise interrupt the USN from crossing the Pacific for the decisive showdown the IJN had planned for. Heaven forbid I am beginning to see why Oahu was not invaded on December 7, 1941. It was smart of Japan not to.
  7. Given the fairly nasty pushback my wife has gotten from her relatives in Japan about the pros of getting vaxxed, there are many who still disagree with this message. The Emperor is not one of them, however. He (finally) got vaccinated 2 weeks ago.
  8. +1, a relationship of contempt, bordering on hatred.
  9. The bad case of American ass-covering postwar regarding the crushing defeat of American airpower in the Philippines points to more than just bad luck and radar/coms being the reason.
  10. Economic force has a quality all its own.
  11. In the segment of American Middle East politics, all roads lead to Jerusalem.
  12. Nothing good, as the few Army pilots who made it into the sky to engage the IJN's elite did a concerning share of damage to it.
  13. Wait, you didn't order the mastubatory word salad for lunch?
  14. Disagree. Had Midway been won as decisively as it was lost, the naval battles for control of the Solomons very likely would have been as well. That is, if the USN was stupid enough to stick around minus Hornet and Enterprise versus an IJN reinforced by Akagi, Kaga, and Soryu.
  15. I think the man showed balls. I also think Iran and Iranians are going to pay the price for not showing the same.
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