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  1. Concur. Pompeo is someone to extend Japanese diplomatic courtesy to, and little else at this point.
  2. "Drag the US into the war..." Kicking and screaming, if the amount of time it took is any indication.
  3. Indeed. I don't think Beijing's current blue-water navy mania lasts much longer. I would be happy to be proven wrong, however, as for them to continue it would be stupid.
  4. The Taiping Rebellion and the destructive chaos wrought by it in the name of Christ indicates at least some precedent for the potential use of Christianity as a weapon against them in the future. Would generally agree with your other two paragraphs. What would be interesting is if they have reached the conclusion that American foreign policy in Asia has always been to keep Asians at each others' throats, to both weaken them as a potential bloc, and to leverage all it can from the opposing sides in the process. An extension of the strategy of encouraging hostility between Native Americans
  5. The level of "mainstream" Jewish anger at the behavior of the Hasidic/Orthodox community came as a surprise when my usually soft-spoken lunch date called the Hasidics "assholes" at least 3 times.
  6. The dislike of China and Chinese is almost pathological from what I have seen from my own family members.
  7. >Yeah https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/10/orthodox-communities-are-furious-over-new-lockdown-measures.html Good article--my lunch date pointed to a similar article here: https://gothamist.com/news/orthodox-borough-park-residents-burn-masks-beat-dissenters-over-covid-lockdown I was under the impression that New York City was doing well overall, but the recent positive test spikes appear centered in the interesting Hasidic and orthodox Jewish communities there. Part of the reason may be that those communities feel they have indeed achieved herd immunity. God help those
  8. Not a point of historical pride in the Native American community, and probably a taboo subject within it. Edited to add: Indian slave ownership is not taught in American schools. At least it wasn't in the 80s. "In the mid-18th century, South Carolina colonial governor James Glan began to promote an official policy that aimed to create in Native Americans an "aversion" to African Americans in an attempt to thwart possible alliances between them." This sounds like a precursor to America's Pacific strategy over the past 125 years.
  9. It would, as they are playing the fleet-in-being game, apparently.
  10. As a nation, I'd agree. As a cartel, however, they are winning. The cause of Palestinian freedom is the lip service they pay to rationalize their existence, which has other goals.
  11. The next wave in the U.S. may be starting in the Hasidic/Orthodox communities of New York City if my lunch convo with a non-Orthodox Jewish colleague was any indication.
  12. When I was much younger, just beginning to get into military history, I made the mistake of asking too many questions about the experiences of relatives who served in China whenever they came to visit us. My JA parents were asked by extended family members in Japan why their JA son was asking such questions, and told that I should never bring up that particular subject again.
  13. Kinda worried about the future of Jewish NYC deli products in general though. Really hope Russ and Daughters is gonna make it through this. Neighbor into making his own pickles happens to be from NYC. If you want something done right... Smoked fish capital of the world as well, I think.
  14. I sometimes wonder how close Washington was to the polar opposite approach: authorization for the use of nuclear weapons.
  15. A neighbor got into home pickling about a year ago. It took him a while to get the spice mix down, but they are excellent now. Good guy to have on the cookout list.
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