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  1. Going to agree with you on this, as special emphasis devoted to freedom of religion can devolve into the extension of special treatment to those who would abuse it. November 2020, in one of America's COVID epicenters. Estimated attendance this masks-optional event: 7000.
  2. Excellent news. The vaccine front against the pandemic continues to escalate. In humanity's favor I think. Although my wife did mention she spoke with one of the college-age (Berkeley!) daughters of our Vietnamese neighbor who will not be opting for vaccination when she becomes eligible (sometime this week I think). Something about her father being opposed to the vaccine, and his wanting others to guinea pig its varieties before allowing anyone in his family to receive it.
  3. If the United States as a people and a nation had not yet decided that what the British, French, Chinese, Russians, and Eisenhower's liberty-loving people everywhere were fighting and dying for was worth their entry into that fight by December 6, 1941, the world starts to wonder how many more of those people would die before America and Americans would decide with their votes to do so. If that answer WRT a declaration of war against Japan without the benefit of a Japanese preemptive strike on Pearl is anywhere close to the word never, standing by and not joining in as one's friends are ge
  4. "If" the Japan and Japanese of that era "understood those were the choices" being the operative phrase in this instance. I am sure there may have been some Australians in government who were uneasy about their treatment of the Aboriginal people up to the turn of the century. For their voices and influence to be developed enough to give the Australian people a choice between complicity in cultural genocide vs Aboriginal reconciliation would require Australians of the 19th Century to be Australians of the mid-to-late 20th Century.
  5. Someone may have reminded the USN that Putin is still seeking to collect around 200-300 WIA/KIA in retaliation for American airstrikes on KG Wagner. I don't think the Federation can afford not to, unfortunately.
  6. I think so, as the operation would be for domestic consumption more than anything, and because the people of the Federation seem already inclined to believe the West would do such a thing. Based on capability, they might not be wrong. The less that is out there about America's offensive cyberwar capability is an indicator of how much more advanced it may be.
  7. At least we now know the nature of the casus belli the Federation may use. It can of course press such a button itself.
  8. You know things are going badly when your submarine arm is increasingly being asked to make supply runs instead.
  9. The loss of face that would have resulted from such a withdrawal would have also required the Japan that walked out of the League of Nations in 1933 to not be Japan.
  10. No, Iran certainly, cannot, at least not with the 2021 version of Norton antivirus it is currently using. It has also fallen behind on the tit-for-tat needed to deter what it cannot defend against otherwise. An Operation Wrath of Allah/Iranian Bayonet would seem to be within their capabilities.
  11. The Israelis do have a reputation for being good at that sort of thing. The longer the long game is played, however, the question is whether Iran may in fact start becoming good at the same.
  12. Good hunting to Israel in its shadow war efforts against Iran. Israelis putting all of their eggs into the intel war basket does call into question just how existential they actually consider Iran's nuclear weaponization program to be, however. Considering how much of a force advantage the IAF has over the IRIAF, so does the taking of the airstrike option to assist that intel war off the table. I agree that it would be unwise to underestimate Israel's offensive intel capability. Depending on it alone to halt Iran's march to the bomb might be as well, though. One compromised int
  13. That's a fair argument regarding Bomber Command not being able to make a difference in Market-Garden. It is also frustrating from an Allied perspective. All that power... Turning the Reichswald into the dark side of the moon might have been satisfying. Clearly not decisive in any way to the battle. Interesting stuff about using Lancasters as glider tugs.
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