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  1. Then I'm puzzled why Russian media recently trumpeted the statement by the OSCE observer mission that they hadn't seen any violations of the border during their stay there so far. Okay, I officially acknowledge that I was wrong. They did came a week ago after all. :-) And it's interesting to see your choice of wording: "Russian media trumpeted"? Trumpeting was what Western media did about Russian supposed violations of said border. Russian media now simply confirmed what Russians already knew (and what Americans did not as they were fed only one specific point of view). Actually, has
  2. Well, if after all those hard statements the best proof US intelligence could provide was a blurry image that they were too ashamed of to post on any official site and only published on Twitter (or was it Facebook?), it's little surprise that all Obama did in relation to those images was hard-staring and finger-waggling. Anything above would cause too many questions. And I'm not sure about US, but Russian government does not base it's foreign policy on screenshots from social networks and does not bother refuting them unless they are confirmed officially. Actually, it's an interesting que
  3. Russian army has been inviting OSCE observers to the border since June. None ever came. Apparently they're not interested in learning the facts, and being absent on the border is a wonderful excuse to spread wild accusations without fear of being caught with one hand in the cookie jar.
  4. No they didn't. They showed some imagery which can be interpreted however anyone wishes. Where those Grads or tractors on the fields is anyone's guess because that imagery was too low quality to tell - Google maps provide better quality by the power of magnitude. Some other dots on those images were claimed to be missile hits - were they really, and what artillery unit did the attack is once again left to imagination. What was the purpose of choosing such a low-quality imagery is the interesting question. Claims that "US don't want to reveal their sources" isn't worth a damn - as I said,
  5. (sigh) There haven't yet been any proof of any shelling "across the border", only Ukrainian claims to such. If they are indeed being shelled by Russian artillery from across the border, they're welcome to provide proof of such claims. They have their American friends to provide satellite imagery. They have thousands of local population, reporters from all countries, European observers et cetera, all armed with cameras and smartphones. If they have something - anything - they're welcome to present this in UN. If all they have are empty claims - then it's nothing but propaganda. So far, the
  6. I don't see any considerable difference from the photos of 25th brigade positions a few weeks ago. Apparently rebels did have weapons then. And now they got even more as the trophies from the eliminated pockets are being recovered and repaired.
  7. MH17 investigators feel very comfortable and very safe working with separatists on the crash site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eiu2s-8MRJA
  8. We don't know what these people were executed for. Some talking heads in the video claim the guys were innocent. But 97% of any prison inmates will tell you the same. The truth is we just don't know.
  9. Video itself - no. The fact that Strelkov took a hard stance to marauders and criminals was known for quite a time, just without grisly details. There were reports that at least two of his subordinate officers were executed for the same crimes.
  10. In Soviet Russia, information war signs up you. ;-)
  11. I like it how everyone is surprised that a hostile country at the Russian border with close ties to a military alliance which is full of anti-Russian sentiments simply cannot be a threat to Russian security, oh no, no way, never never never. But apparently dozens of countries which are in the other hemisphere can be a threat to American security and that's so obvious it doesn't even need to be questioned. And of course the Russian Federation itself is a threat to everyone and their uncle (nevermind that it's only trying to put some pressure on it's immediate vicinity) so obviously it must b
  12. And I've heard claims that the only reason Lukashenko doesn't move his troops into Russia is because there's no way to take Vladivostok before the Chinese do, and he's too stingy to let them have it. :-) More importantly though, Putin doesn't have any reasons to move troops into Belarus - we do not threaten Russian security (unlike Georgia and Ukraine who seem to be hell-bent on making Russia as weak as possible and who gives a damn if their own country suffers in the process). And unlike what most western media will tell you, Putin does not move troops without a solid reason. So my reaction
  13. Kerry claims that Kiev is ready for ceasefire. Probably SS-21 was used to deliver the invitation to negotiations. :-/
  14. Fair point. :-) I vote for 3. Any bets? :-)
  15. If you are trying to make me prove the non-existence, you are wasting your time. As an adult, you should know that it's only the existence that can be proven. So Ukrainians are welcome to post their radar data to support at least one of their numerous claims. So far they have posted none. I call that pure propaganda. You may call this the epitome of objective proof, I don't mind. :-)
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