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  1. From my observation, the farther away from Russia, the more unquestioningly they cling to the official propaganda.
  2. In fact following him, I'm sensing a bit of "Lust am Untergang" (lust for doom).
  3. I'm sure you have no idea. Over here, we have quite a few, and almost none include an upset that would lead to a change of policy towards Russia. 😄
  4. They haven't really been paying attention to what has become of similar recent maps on Russian TV, right? 😀
  5. Well it's kinda telling Putin and his cheerleaders "fuck you and your annexations".
  6. Or maybe come both ways, as they seem to push east from Kupyansk again now for a change.
  7. https://www.dw.com/en/latvia-election-karins-wins-reelection-amid-russia-ukraine-war/a-63305784
  8. Not sure if we're at a counter-coup or counter-counter-coup at this point. https://www.dw.com/en/burkina-faso-junta-chief-urges-coup-leaders-to-come-to-their-senses/a-63310781
  9. Interesting point. He's rather opinionated and lax on details specific to Nord Stream itself, but the effect clearly exists. Now Nord Stream isn't your basic land pipeline; these are tubes of 27-41 mm wall strength additionally encased in 60-150 mm of concrete, which is why everyone's thinking you need a pretty hefty explosive charge to destroy it. But I guess a sudden internal force buildup of sufficient strength will blow any containment in the end. Which would be a terrible disappointment for everyone who has already settled on a politically convenient perpetrator if it was found to have happened that way. OTOH, obviously the effect could also have been triggered intentionally rather than accidentally as described.
  10. With a little luck, maybe they can roll up the Russian flank west of the Krasna River all the way up to the border. Though I suspect that as the battle for Lyman turned out to be more protracted than the rapid collapse around Kupyansk, the Russian troops will have reoriented towards the threat from the south by now.
  11. https://m.dw.com/en/nicaragua-cuts-diplomatic-ties-with-netherlands-refuses-entry-to-us-envoy/a-63305160
  12. I just don't see anyone putting extra safety valves into a seabed pipeline. These days they could probably remote-controlled from shore, but the usual procedure would likely be to shut off the line where it enters the sea and wait for it to vent, which is what is happening here (because the lines were shut even before they were destroyed). There was a rupture in the Gulf of Mexico last year where the gas ignited and burned for five hours, and that was just a twelve-inch pipe; Nord Stream uses 45 inch diameter. Anyway, there may soon be investigations on scene, as Nord Stream 2 has reportedly stopped outgassing, earlier than anticipated.
  13. Four years ago I applied for a position in cyber defense with German national domestic intelligence. After the written test I got invited to personal evaluation, at the end of which they told me they liked my written test best of all, but the briefing I gave in the second round included too much information, and I pushed the actor playing the unwilling staffer too hard in the simulated motivation talk. The intelligence business sure ain't what it used to be.
  14. So does every modern nation which follows a policy of ethnic discrimination/separation/displacement eventually build gas chambers for the industrialized mass murder of the oppressed? The Americans for blacks and indians, the South Africans for blacks, the various parties in the Yugoslavian wars for each other, etc.?
  15. Because that's not what they said, and what they actually said was agreed with the German government. You really know that of course, you're just swallowing decades-old anti-American nonsense how the US secretly wants to destroy Europe which has been going around European fringe circles forever, just coated with contemporary American hyperpartisan politics so you take it unquestioningly.
  16. Our Markus' real name isn't Becker, and he certainly doesn't work for the "Spiegel'. 😄
  17. https://www.spiegel.de/international/sabotage-in-the-baltic-nord-stream-attacks-expose-vulnerability-of-european-infrastructure-a-03337f93-a32a-40a1-9266-fc2692289e33
  18. Spoken like a true Ukrainian. 🥹👍
  19. I initially imagined it to be a lot easier, too. I was clear that on the surface, not only does of course the air-gas mix represent a tremendous explosive hazard, like the world's biggest thermobaric bomb waiting for a spark; I was also aware that ships can lose buoyance in "sparkled" water and sink like the proverbial rock (there's a theory that explains losses in the Bermuda Triangle with methane eruptions). Still I had the idea that some divers or RCVs could simply swim up laterally right next to the breaches and take a look at them. As it was announced that that would have to wait for a couple days to maybe two weeks until the pipes are exhausted, I thought myself rather naive. At this point I suspect it would be about as healthy for a diver as setting off a daisy chain of dynamite sticks and hang around to watch.
  20. https://www.reuters.com/world/putin-declare-annexation-ukrainian-lands-major-escalation-war-2022-09-29/
  21. There goes the last hole in the fence. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/finland-will-shut-border-russian-tourists-midnight-2022-09-29/ Meanwhile German embassies in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan report a rise in visa applications by Russian citizens to the point the system is overwhelmed and no new appointments can be made. For example, Tiflis used to have ten to 20 applications per month (mostly from Georgians, I guess). In the ten days since 21 September, they've had more than 300. Damn fascists.
  22. Sorry, no diversion tactics. You said it was "only question of time when Israelis will try to resolve Palestinian question by gas chambers". What are the facts on the ground that statement is based on?
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