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  1. Type 15 is anything but light. Plus cannon is much weaker.
  2. They are pumped with hot air. Fin.
  3. It is shrouded. From the top and partially from sides. Relatively thin so won't hold any direct hits, but can help with spalling.
  4. "Effective range" for those types of rounds is not something set in stone, like with missiles or arty rounds. It is a combination of factors like mechanical dispersion of specific round from specific cannon, velocity drop and FCS solution, plus different evaluation methods in different countries (like 50% hit chance on tank sized target or 80% chance) So that 2000m is not concrete number and one can surely expect to hit targets at much greater ranges.

    Upgraded T-90

    By scarce info available it's still much cheaper than western proposals and cheaper than VT-4.As for exports - there were words about recent Indian contract on 464 T-90 being 90SM variant, but no hard confirmation yet.
  6. It's just BMPT. BMP-T is other spelling of more proper TBMP ("heavy IFV") name of T-15.
  7. Tho it's not specifically AS. Just after initial batch of 90S with cast turrets was delivered to India, all 90S have welded turrets (so since around 2000). There is also 90SA, but that's just specific model for Algeria.
  8. WDYM by mechanical? Cuz soviet HE-FRAG had fuze with two delay modes (fast and show), and with Ainet it added airburst.
  9. Having two separate vehicles is a waste of chassis and thus waste of money, fuel, strategic mobility ect. For that one can go with mixed APC/IFV formations.
  10. Because Israel MUST be first. Simple as.
  11. Same thing as with tanks: no "best" except best for specific requirements. And everyone has them different.
  12. I wouldn't go as far as APC armor (until something of literally cardboard level like M113 sides). But thinner building walls should be well penetrable. PS: as for Kornet - it is not an "option" but part of standart loadout for known Epoch, since they with Bulat doesn't share roles.
  13. Not quite right. Cannon in Epoch turret is not same as LShO-57. It has longer barrel and apparently different breech. Can use APFSDS surprisingly. Have airburst capability. Considering non-zero velocity and variable fuze - can penetrate moderate obstacles well (for bigger ones there is ATGM). And funniest thing - total HE load in Epoch 57mm ammorack is bigger than in 100mm+30mm.
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