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  1. I wasn't there right at the beginning, I arrived a bit later so I can't tell you for sure but there were none when I was there and can only assume they went to Catterick. At this time there were a few changes to the ORBAT. The Aldergrove Resident Battalion was withdrawn from NI, the Weeton Bn (in the then brand new Weeton Camp) became the Province Reinforcement Battalion as part of 42 Bde under operational command of HQNI or whatever Bde or unit we were operating under in NI and 24 Bde's 3rd Inf Bn was re-located to Catterick. As far as I know we (1 QLR) had no affiliation whatsoever to 2
  2. A Bde HQ is actually quite a hefty beast. I can only comment on the ones I served as part of during the mid 90's and early 2000's, 1 and 19 Mech. They were made up of the HQ staff and the supporting Sig Sqn. All in about 200 pers and about 50 vehicles of various types, quite armour heavy. Once deployed into the field the Main HQ comprised of the main bird table tent with the various command vehicles with penthouse tents backed onto it. Each vehicle was a cell of the HQ e.g Int, Ops, Plans and so on and each run by an SO3. There were also attachments such as artillery, engineer and avi
  3. 1 QLR is my former Bn. IIRC we took over in Weeton in April 1990. We were under local command of 42 Bde but we took on a new role under command of HQNI called the Province Reinforcement (or Reserve) Battalion operating mainly in 3 Bde's AOR, Coys doing 6 week rotations in and out of Cookstown, Dungannon, Portadown etc. I do not recall having any Saxons at Weeton. At this time the 3rd Inf Bn of 24 Bde was re-located to Alma Bks in Catterick (1 GLOSTERS I think). I know the intention was for this Bn to eventually be Airmobile but could it have been issued with the Saxons before hand?
  4. Ref Saladin in NI, the RAC resident regiment in Omagh was indeed equipped Saladin for many years and I believe was also equipped with CVR(W) Fox in the years before it was replaced by an Inf Bn in 1982. When I was based in Lisanelly Barracks in Omagh in the late '90s the gate guardian was a Saladin.
  5. It is interesting that the reinforcement Bde HQ is 39 Airptbl Bde from Lisburn and two infantry bn's, which I assume are the Holywood and Ballykinler bn's, during which was probably the most active period of Op BANNER. But if the balloon went up then I suppose priorities change. I am surprised that the armd car regt at Omagh is left behind though.
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