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  1. 🤣 True. Still, almost a billion others even if you discount India too.
  2. Interesting statistic: Even if you discount the 66 million UK' nians, there are other countries, with populations totalling well over 2 billion people, that also drive on the left hand side of the road.
  3. Bojan is correct (as usual) I suspect. I think it is related to the "1226" which was fitted with a local 105mm? Edit: and Harkonnen.
  4. A tiny tiny portion of Saving Private Ryan was shot in England. A few scenes. The majority of the scenes were shot in Wexford, Republic of Ireland. Ballinesker and Curracloe beaches to be precise, which are my local beaches, a scant 3 minutes from where I live and am typing this. And Normandy. So no, it was not "made in England". More rubbish alternate history/personal opinion masquerading and presented as facts.
  5. Is there a fast-tracked sign up available?
  6. I think anybody with a modicum of intellect on this site has known this glaringly obvious fact for years already. If, say, Bashkortostan or Udmurtia underwent minor political unhappiness, he would become the all-knowing champion of those cultures rights and history overnight, deluge flooding online with this "concern" for as long as it was expedient, then simply discard it after it ran its usefulness, for the next vehicle.
  7. Where does it say it is to make foreign airlines land in Belarus??? Oh wait...this is Stuart. I mean, it's well known on TN that when it comes to anything Russia related, your dishonesty, hatred, and truth twisting knows no limits, but this is ridiculous. Even by your ridiculous standards. Russia Bad. Bad Russia.
  8. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  9. Accusing other countries of influencing elections....targeting people on foreign soil...cyber attacks... The hypocrisy, lack of self-awareness and self-reflection is simply staggering.
  10. You don't understand. It's a chance to pollute yet another thread with his anti-Russian hatred. When the USN managed to crash one of its destroyers a while back, he "wondered" in that thread whether the Russians did it through "jamming". The penny dropped then with me that this is basically pathological. It's become ridiculous, and has ruined this site ages ago. Almost every f*cking thread... relentlessly.
  11. This has been widely known for a long while, extensively noted, reported on, stated openly, and demonstrated. But that won't stop the narrative of a certain poster here.
  12. Only the best. Earlier, it was: "Look! Twitter showing a fuel truck on the move! In Donetsk!"
  13. Britain must be currently experiencing a shortage of vacuum cleaners, considering the prolific output here of the "Slav Whisperer". One wonders what his boss thinks..
  14. Nice rant. Yes, Russophobia. Read his posts. This is hardly unknown here, more than a few posters call him on it. He even has a nickname, which I thought was funny. There are thousands of posts. with the same theme, and not just related to post 1917 Russia. There are some on this thread this very week about pre 1917 "Bad Russia". It's incredibly tiresome. Pay more attention. But from your rant, I suspect you won't.
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