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  1. Plenty of armies also have tracked supply vehicles like the M548 or this thing:
  2. I guess the British infantry will have to ride on the tanks, WW2 style, if they plan on going anywhere the Boxers can’t follow.
  3. U.S. Ordnance M2A2N with the new HMG-M softmount from Rheinmetall Norway. It will replace the older .50 cals (the oldest ones are from 1940) in the Norwegian Armed Forces.
  4. Ajax can at least locate targets for various PGM delivery systems, so it probably won’t be a complete waste even if there will no longer be any armoured brigades for it to scout for. (On a related note, this is also one of the main roles envisioned for the CV9030 OPVs of the new cavalry battalion in Finmark. It's not like it has much else to scout for since it's not a part of the mechanized brigade in Troms and Rena.)
  5. They did, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have preferred a shorter weapon (or a weapon that at least could be made shorter). Look, all I was saying was that SBRs (with or without suppressors) are preferred by the people who expect to be clearing a lot of rooms. Now KJK do use suppressors (not in this image), and VBSS is also one of their roles, so I guess it makes sense for them to have them. I agree, though, that things may have gotten overboard when the bulk of France’s HK416F order are of the 11’’ variant, and if units like the Pathfinder Platoon and Royal Marines Commandos ad
  6. Eh, they’re also a lot handier for door kickers and room clearers. Takes up less space in vehicles too (also true for bullpups).
  7. Short barrel rifles, top of the line gear like Crye uniforms and Ops-Core helmets, and also not a SOF unit… Seems like your Royal Marines Commandos is going down a similar route to our KJK (Coastal Ranger Commando). https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/06/24/913346/
  8. More K9 VIDAR footage. The .50 on top is also interesting as its one of the new M2A2N. "Oh shit" moment at 1:16?
  9. The first two K9 VIDAR (Versatile InDirect ARtillery system, as well as the Norse God of Vengeance) and the first K10 VIDAR have arrived in Norway:
  10. That seems expensive even for H&K. Norway recently ordered a batch of 11 000 HK416s for 22 million Euro, but I suppose it might be cheaper for us since the weapon is already in use with the armed forces, and because there is a framework agreement with H&K.
  11. I think this is the first sale of the PMMC G5? Yep.
  12. ACSV enters series production: https://forsvaret.no/forsvarsmateriell/presserom/transportpanservogner-til-h%C3%A6ren
  13. Interesting post, but I believe you haven't answered my questions.
  14. Add where is this figure from? And why is it not possible to get twice as much (or near enough) time at sea out of the two-crew frigate? I've already provided an explanation for why the Norwegian Navy is keen on getting more sailing time out of its frigates, so I won't bother repeating myself...
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