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  1. Yeah. It gave a good intro into the unit type and what its good for. It helped me understand things I hadn't been clear on before, so i though that the group would like it.
  2. Us presidential administrations change, the bombing of Iran's proxies abides: US bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia
  3. Worthwhile, though harrowing, reading: Kneel and Starve: Under the Watchful Eye of the Secret Police, Syrians Go Hungry
  4. And now the Su-122-54 gets a video:
  5. I'm late but I've got a story worth reading.
  6. Gotcha. I was just trying to come up with low-cost solutions. The Challenger 2 upgrade is a program I've been rooting for for years now, and I'd really like it to move beyond the prototype stage.
  7. One thing I did run across last month was this article about India developing a guided missile for its Arjun MBT, which also uses a rifled 120mm gun. could this be adapted to Challenger 2, if a new gun is not adopted?
  8. And did they pay for finished products or just the designs? Because I know Iran has built some thermal imaging systems, so its not out of the realm of possibility for North Korea to have acquired such a capability.
  9. Must Concur. I hate face masks, but they do seem to work and the research bears this out.
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