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  1. It's happening !!!. Polish MOD signed a deal for 1000 "Badger" IFV and another 400 in specialized variants on "Badger" chassis. https://www.wojsko-polskie.pl/au/articles/aktualnosci/bwp-borsuk-dla-sil-zbrojnych-rp/ Photos:
  2. https://www.dsca.mil/press-media/major-arms-sales/poland-high-mobility-artillery-rocket-system-himars-0
  3. So it looks like we're going to buy 200 HiMARS vehicles and 300 K239 Chunmoo launchers. https://www.gazetaprawna.pl/wiadomosci/kraj/artykuly/8567498,uzbrojenie-bezpieczenstwo-panstwa-himarsy-sprzet-z-korei.html
  4. If we will get 150 HiMARS systems that will be a lot, rest of the "500" could be K239 Chunmoo but then we could gradually withdrawn WR-40 Langusta systems and don't buy "Langusta M" which we will soon ™.
  5. That's the the clou, we don't have strong and stable economy right now, Inflation is 16 percent with a possibility to grow up to 20 percent next year.
  6. Yes, but the number is far reach out of their minds, no money no pilots no logistics for this amount of AH-64E. My mind is on 32 of those, if we can afford it.
  7. It's just political bs nothing will come from it, except few more votes in the upcoming election next year.
  8. There is one plus - growth capability up to 40t and if HSW will get the money they will make a non-amphibious version.
  9. Yes, becouse that's what the MOD wants. Omit the logic.
  10. BWR-1S modernization Are there any detail you can provide on this?: When Poland bought Leopard 2A5 it also got 14 L2A4, so this is just an annex to attach this fourteen to the Leopard 2PL upgrade program.So instead of 128 modernized tanks we will get 142. Ps:looks like we will also exchange the gunner thermal sight for the Leo2A5 with one made in PCO S.A. (Przemysłowe Centrum Optyki)
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