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  1. My Scharnhorst never lives long enough to launch torps unless it's an ambush around an island.
  2. Every time I push forwards with a BB or anything I'm the first to be sunk.
  3. Amazing how many hybrid hulls survived since not that many were built compared to the other types.
  4. Can I get a link to either of those please? Thank you.
  5. One advantage the Germans had in the PZ III and IV was the 5 man crew and the intercom system. These two facts kept them superior over technicality better tanks along with training and tactics till at least 1943. And even when there opponents had those two advantages German crews usually still got more out of there tanks (admittedly when they ran and had fuel) than Allied crews did.
  6. When the 2 pdr was sealed in 1937 IIRC it was the best AT gun in existent. And in 1940 when given a chance the 2 pdr did the job. The main problem was the Germans moved to the 50 mm L/42 and L/60 while the British had to stick with the 2 pdr for an extra year and a half even though the 6 pdr was sealed in June, 1940. Also the narrowness of British railroad bridges and tunnels had an effect on limiting the overall width of there tanks which then limited turret ring diameter.
  7. I just seem to have can't hit crap disease every time I play at anything but point blank suicide range lately. I constantly have my shells land just after the target sinks or it's almost like the target has mind reading as they turn in the time it takes the signal to fire to go from my brain to my finger on the mouse so just as I fire they turn just enough for me to miss. You have to remember to use the free look frequently. And when your spotted and can't see what's spotting you turn away because it's most likely a DD.
  8. Game updated today to the new movie.
  9. Top picture is Matilda II's being built.
  10. SU-76I They captured so many Pz-III's at Stalingrad with no damage of just turret hits without burning they converted them to that.
  11. In a game last week fired a full broadside from Fuso to Arizona. Arizona fired same back. My result, 1 each bounce, minor hit, penetration. Arizona result, 10 hits with at least 2 citadels. Fuso sunk. Priceless.
  12. Just played 7 games in a mix of light, medium and heavy tanks. 7 times blown up. 7 times lost.
  13. I just downloaded the 5.16 test and while it's not live yet the sign in movie played. It's completely uber cool. Check it out.
  14. Seems to me another case of the old is new. The original Tiger I design and the first produced vehicles had pivoting armor plate on the front. It would lie along he horizontal part of the nose when not in use. In combat it would pivot down in from of the nose but also covered the tracks from the front.
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