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  1. Check your eyesight. This is not in Russian, but in Ukranian.
  2. Which WIKI page did you use ? Numbers don't add up. English language one has different (smaller) numbers for Russians and bigger numbers for Ukraine. For example for Russians: SU-27 (229) + Su - 35 (90) + Mig 29 (249) + Mig 31 (132) = 700 vs 1276 you listed. For Ukraniane: Su-27 (33)+Mig 29 (24) = 57 vs 40 you gave. If you look up Russian wiki page the gap grows to Su-27 (34)+Mig 29 (37) = 71 vs your 40.
  3. Just to give an update on naval developments in Estonia. Mines themselves: https://forcitdefence.com/app/uploads/sites/18/2020/09/forcit-blocker-brochure-folded-A3-email-15052020.pdf Also we are buying Blue Spear (5G SSM) land based anti-ship missiles from Israeli-Singaporen joint venture with some local Estonian companies also involved. Blue Spear is a variation/development of Israerli Gabriel family missiles, which includes PTO2020 (Gabriel V) as bought by Finland in 2018 and Sea Serpent currently proposed to UK (IAI+Thales cooperation) as but what are the differences between these versions are unclear.
  4. Just carry on Stuart, haters gonna hate anyway. Nobody is forcing them to read. I don't read most of Olgino troll farm dribble either.
  5. The Security Service of Ukraine has put units in all oblasts on high alert. https://www.ukrinform.ua/rubric-society/3231122-sbu-perevela-v-rezim-pidvisenoi-gotovnosti-pidrozdili-v-usih-oblastah.html
  6. On right bank of Dniepr we have these three contestants. Behind door number one you have a beautiful city of Odessa with 1 million population. Port is located right on the shores on Black Sea. Behind door number two you have Mykolaiv deep port with population of 480K, home of the shipyards that built the Kuznetsov class and many other large ships back in the day. To travel to this premium location a leisurely trip up the river for about 70km is required. Behind door number three is port of Yuzhne located on the banks of Hryhorivsky estuary. Although formally not a part of Odessa, it's just 15 km from city border with the road lined up with datchas most of the way. Unless you resupply with yachts no other option exists.
  7. Russian Northern fleet has sailed out to sea. https://www.interfax.ru/amp/762003
  8. Polish MOD announces arrival of several dozen fighters to Poland. Some other sources mention twenty F-15s from RAF Lakenheath and four F-16s from Spangdahlem as part of US_EUCOM air forces rapid transfer exercise.
  9. Russia issues flight restriction notices (NOTAM) from 20th to 24th April up to 19km in altitude for exercises involving missiles launches.
  10. If someone doesn't understand how to differentiate between maps in Ukranian and Russian (like wilhelm) looking at the alphabet differences is still easiest. I just tryed to give someone some help. Not sure where wilhelm is from of what languages he speaks. Sad to see you still try to assure that Ukrainian language doesn't exist. I'm sure you have enough time and old 100+ year old books you would try to convince everyone that Dutch and German and Danish and Swedish and Portugese and Spanish are one and the same. All is needed is a little bit of indoctrination "for the greater good of the pan-slavic third Rome". Reality is they are using that Russian and Ukrainian alphabets are different, they use different grammar and words. Sure most European languages are either latin or cyrillic based, but doesn't mean all latin alphabet based languages are mutually intelligible nor the cyrillic ones. Most certainly everything written cyrillic based alphabets is automatically Russian or derived from Russian. That's denying reality that it's no longer common East-Slavonic days and it's not 14th century and that Ukrainian and Russian are not 100% mutually intelligible.
  11. Seems like it could be up to 72 per division. 6 launching vehicles with 4 missiles each with reloads on reload vehicles (TZM-360) and transporters (TM-360) so 6x4x3=72. Ukraine was planning to buy 3 divisions worth this year, so could be 1 division was initially delivered. Range is up to 300km. This is from acceptance trials in 2020
  12. Makes me wonder how many Neptune missiles were delivered in that first March batch to Ukranian army.
  13. Northern fleet large landing ships just passed Turkish Straits towards Crimea. Baltic Fleet landing ships were passing Gibraltar towards east a couple of days ago.
  14. AFAIK Russian forces in Transnistria really don't have a way to resupply troops. Since about 2015 Ukraine has blocked their resupply. As a result the force number is kept up by locals. https://eurasianet.org/russian-troops-in-transnistria-squeezed-by-ukraine-and-moldova
  15. East of Odessa could be very risky move. All supplies would have to make it there across sea as there are only 2 bridges over lower section of Dnieper river plus if you get the bridges you would have to cross 2 largish citys (Kherson 280K population, Mykolaiv 480K population) to get there. Also there are several natural water barriers running north south direction between Odessa and Mykolaiv - limiting your room for maneuver. Plus a single road bridge in Mykolaiv. Distances from left bank of Dnieper to landing area east of Odessa are several kilometers over water. Getting over Dnieper maybe at some points, but then there is still Mykolaiv.
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