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  1. Actually there have been Azeri video of Russian made Repellent-1 system destroyed. Apparently doesn't do much. Strike at about 27sec in the video.
  2. It seems the southern bridge is still standing although damaged.
  3. Armenian northern front seems to be under heavy pressure. Constant plinking of assets by Azeri UAV left firstly stripped them most of AD assets. Then they have shifted the pressure to tanks, artillery and supply trucks and lately even just infantry groups. Pushing from the north created pressure on the supply line from Armenia towards Martakert via Armenian M11. It might no be cut, but certainly under direct fire. Magadiz to the north of Martakert was captured today as per Azeris. The other major supply line via (via M12 further south) is also under as a bridge over a river was bombed with
  4. Apparently a number of An-2 have been converted to drones by Azeris. They are being sent to bait the Armenian SAMs/radars to expose their positions.
  5. Rallys supporting Azerbaijan (against Russia,Armenia) in Iran
  6. Russian equipment claimed to be moving through Iran port on Anzali to Armenia.
  7. Putin annonces that he has formed a reserve to help Belarus. According to him it is by request by Lukashenka. Unconfirmed info from russian language sites say that Russian SOF have been assigned to be part of the reserve. https://ria.ru/20200827/pomosch-1576377386.html
  8. Today Sweden transported reinforcement to Gotland. The ferry was guarded by Gripens from air. https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/ost/beredskapsinsats-pa-gotland-ska-inte-vara-nagot-ovanligt-att-vi-syns-pa-on?cmpid=del:tw:20200825:beredskapsinsats-pa-gotland-ska-inte-vara-nagot-ovanligt-att-vi-syns-pa-on:nyh:lp Some of the vehicles seen in the interview. https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/ost/regementschefen-det-ar-skarpt-men-krigsrisken-ar-valdigt-lag?cmpid=del:tw:20200825:regementschefen-det-ar-skarpt-men-krigsrisken-ar-valdigt-lag:nyh:lp
  9. Apparently Swedes are not so sure. So Swedes announced that they have raised their readiness level to the highest level since 1991 coup in Moscow yesterday. https://www.forsvarsmakten.se/en/news/2020/08/high-readiness-action-in-the-baltic-sea-and-in-gotland/
  10. Simultaneously Russia is holding exercises of 6000 personnel in Kaliningrad and Leningrad area. https://twitter.com/Eire_QC/status/1297983797984661510 Three "Ropucha" class landing craft and "Stereguschiy" class frigate were spotted near 11 miles from Latvian territorial waters. https://nra.lv/latvija/322949-latvijas-robezas-tuvuma-sodien-konstateti-krievijas-brunoto-speku-desantkugi.htm Russian say it's an exercise. Video of loading BTRs here: https://structure.mil.ru/structure/forces/type/navy/baltic/news/more.htm?id=12309598@egNews
  11. Lukashenka has now raised the readiness level in army to the highest level readiness, with some mobilization effort also stared. MLRS and Tochka have been deployed to Western Belarus also, airborne, motorized and artillery units. https://defence-blog.com/news/army/belarus-long-range-missile-systems-spotted-near-lithuanian-border.html Lukashenka has told army to respond to any provocations on the border. Mobilization of 3000 troops was announced already before elections. Yesterday additional mobilization actions have leaked (tank battalion of 11 mech brigade).
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