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  1. ? He tried hard to what? Stir up shiite? Yes he did that for well over four years. Have a coup by not leaving office? His departure from D.C. was not graceful. But I missed the coup. The events of January 6th? Undoubtable a riot. A coup? How would the events of January 6th 2021 lead to the over throw of the US government?
  2. Trump is mouthy. Did he refuse to leave office? That would be a true coup. There is a democrat that refused and continues to concede. Is that a coup? https://news.yahoo.com/stacey-abrams-defends-refusal-concede-165932285.html
  3. Biden an Trump were both in favor of ending US combat involvement in Afghanistan. Were any of the Democrat also rans in favor of continuing the war?
  4. 7 hours ago, sunday said: It is all Trump's fault, of course Trump had enough real faults. But if memory serves me correctly he was always a big supporter of the vaccines. Do you have any instances where he wasn't a vaccine supporter?
  5. The Afghanistan thread is getting over run with talk of the future of NATO. I for one see a need for a continued strong NATO. PEACE through SRENGTH!
  6. Maybe they should change Major's name to the Delaware destroyer! He's bad to the bone!
  7. Kind of a crappy site. She identifies herself as a former Navy surgeon, but the headline says "Army Doctor reveals....." I don't see any where it identifies who she is so you could look up her back ground.
  8. If he dyes his hair orange and joins the Republican party yes!
  9. Short of nuclear weapons, encryption systems and codes are the highest security items for a military. I can't imagine the Afghanis were given the latest and greatest in encryption equipment.
  10. Agreed that after USS Arizona had an overhaul in 1940 that she would have one on 1941. The only reason I can think of is for an anti-aircraft guns up grade. Were they due to get new anti-aircraft guns that were not available in early 1941?
  11. The book is historical fiction. Sounds like this part of the story line is fiction. If some one had access to USN records there should be something saying the USS Arizona was scheduled to go to the US west coast in November or so 1941.
  12. The more important part is the protestant majority supported the British. As to Northern Irelands governmental status I leave it to you Brits to inform me.
  13. False comparison. Norther Ireland is part of the UK. To Americans Afghanistan is a remote shiite hole.
  14. Biden doesn't use a spear. He is a chain man. That is how he took out cornpop.
  15. I understood that the damage was repaired in Pearl Harbor. The story line in the book was that the USS Arizona was supposed to be going to Bremerton Washington for an overhaul. Since it was held up in Pearl Harbor due to damage it did not go. Perhaps another ship went into dry dock in November instead of the Arizona? There probably weren't that many dry docks that could handle a battle ship? The USN wouldn't want to waste dry dock availability. If the Arizona wasn't coming in November another ship probably went in it's place. Here is an article that talks about this . Not much detail on when the USS Arizona was supposed to go to Bremerton. http://www.oldsaltblog.com/2016/12/fateful-collision-uss-arizona-uss-oklahoma-october-22-1941/
  16. Yes. In the meantime the senate would be split evenly 50 50.
  17. With the tribal rivalries in Afghanistan, it might have been possible to carve out an area that could have been supported. From what I understand the taliban was not supported by all of Afghanistan's ethnic groups. Is there a descendent group from the old Northern Alliance?
  18. On 22 October 1941 the USN battleships Oklahoma and Arizona collided during naval exercises. The USS Arizona took the brunt of the damage. I'm currently reading "To Wake the Giant" by Jeff Shaara, a historical novel about the build up to the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. Over all a good book. Per his narrative the USS Arizona was due to be in dry dock in Washington State in December 1941. Due to the damage from the collision repairs were made in Hawaii and the trip to Washington was delayed. If so the October accident indirectly ended up with the destruction of the USS Arizona . Would some other ship have been the victim if the USS Arizona was not there on that December day? One nagging error Mr. Shaara makes several times in the book. He refers to the War Department as if it was the parent of the Department of Defense and had control of the Navy. The War Department for most of its life controlled only the U.S. Army and before the establishment of the Department of Defense the U.S. Army Corp or Army Air Forces. The War Department was split into the Department of Army and the Department of airdales. There was no equivalent of the Department of Defense as a civilian headed agency in that era.
  19. All the people I know that had sever reactions had COVID-19 within a month of getting the vaccine. None had reactions requiring hospitalizations, but some missed a day or two of work. Most with bad reactions it was as if they had flu like symptoms.
  20. I'm Republican leaning and I LOVE Europe! You have to remember the politicians with the biggest mouths and the most outrageous ideas get the most attention. Hence Pelosi, Trump, Schumer, Cortez etc...
  21. Trump can fully own the decision to pull out of Afghanistan. The majority of U.S. citizens wanted out. Unless the U.S. was willing to stay indefinitely it was time to go. It was going to be a shiite show if we left ten years ago or ten years from now. How the U.S. withdrawal was handled is all Bidden. Is getting the civilians out before the military all that complicated an idea?
  22. Blue is actually Republican, like Union Blue in the US Civil War. Plus all joking asside, lids on vials get changed with expiration dates.
  23. It was almost two years after the sinking of the Lusitania, which was probably a legitimate act of war since it was carrying ammunition that the U.S. declared war. The Zimmerman telegraph was probably more important reason for war.
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