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  1. Hunting for the same info here on the Grate Site® too, Gman? I'm fascinated with how much y'all know on this stuff. Any suggestions on reading material?
  2. Confession: I'm an arty player. I run an M12 currently, and I like to either directly support the forward line (and NOT team kill..or damage) or I'll operate in counter-battery mode. And on occasion, I'll flip to TD mode. And once in a while, when the game's gone to crap I'll just give up and spot for my own damn self and kill things and then go cap. So go ahead, and hate on me...but while I'm clicking, I can also work on my flames of war models. (And if you want to hate me in-game, my name is the same as here.)
  3. I wonder if they'll disallow people who have spoken critically of such things from coming into the country....
  4. ....This article read much like B Co 122nd ASB (82nd CAB) from 2006-2008. Our CO actually took the results of the command climate survey and blamed us for them in a company formation, berating us and telling us the only reason the climate sucked was because we were terrible soldiers. He explained in his inbrief that he actually loathed any PT/Weight failures and had those who were such in the inbrief get smoked by the 1SG while he told each one of them personally how much he hated them. He explained often that the number of Article 15s he gave out were a good metric about how effective his command was--the more, the better. When he showed up in a shop, the shop was to be called to attention, no matter the work that was occurring, no matter how dangerous. When Soldiers would call IG, IG would ask them to hold after finding out the unit and the inspector would pick up the phone saying immediately "What'd they do THIS time?" It was not unusual, particularly before deployment, to receive a 1-hour recall notice on saturdays because someone did something stupid friday night and we'd be subjected to a formation where he would publicly berate the foolish soldier and then make us sit through alcohol training for the rest of the day. If you were late, he'd issue out extra duty---even when the XO was late (No one called him to tell him once), the XO ended up sweeping the hangar floor next to the privates. The 82nd always had a 'ready battalion' with a 1 hour recall on rotation. The CO insisted we were ALWAYS to be on ready status, so we always had to be prepared for 1 hour recall anyway....and passes were verboten. Bravo Co was never invited to BN formations--There was a BN awards ceremony and the next day the BNCO stopped by to drop off our awards. During the company change of command, he was actually mocked by the BN CO. The unit motto was "Feel The Pain." Pre-deployment, we had a company dinner (buffet). After families with children, all Officers and then NCOs were invited to dine. All single-soldier lower enlisted were finally invited to come up and eat after about two hours or so, but we'd already left. Another time, we had Mandatory Fun Day, where there wasn't enough food..sooooo lower enlisted (singles again) didn't eat. Another one, there were rumors that the money we had to pay to go (remember, MANDATORY FUN) went to buy him a new car. I was never happier than when I was told I'd be in Kandahar for my deployment and attached to another unit. In order to get out of that unit so much faster, I actually requested Branch send me elsewhere---ANYWHERE--soon as we got back, waiving my dwell time and landing me in Egypt.
  5. Really starting to make me re-think my europe trip.
  6. It's no small wonder we haven't seen more VBIEDs here.
  7. ZeeWulf

    Dead Iron

    As I was going through this thread, the bit about rebuild vs repaired vs replaced caught my attention. In Afghanistan, once we had the Air Force show up at our engine shop needing an engine because one of theirs (A T700 series) had crapped out entirely and they weren't allowed to rebuild at their level, nor did they have any replacements available. They came to our shop bearing just the dataplate and that's how we 'repaired' their engine--just got a bunch of modules out of storage and slapped them together, smacked the dataplate onto the cold section and out it went.
  8. Waaaait, are you talking about the M113 "I've got paper thin aluminum hull" M113? Or the soooper-sekrit® UBARM113 developed with unobtanium armor and a de-mountable pintle 155mm lazzorscannon? Because that's what this sounds like.
  9. A few years ago, Battlefront released a Flames of War Late War book by the name of "NUTS", which of course obviously refers to the Battle of the Bulge. One of the Armored options available is the 'Scrapyard Tank Platoon" which was based off the 740th's one-night to get their tanks running from an Ordnance Depot story. Over the next couple years, I hunted down Daredevil Tankers by Colonel Rubel, their commander and Into The Breach by Paul Pearson to learn more about these guys--their story is quite interesting between the CDL project and their experience in the Ardennes. More recently, I'd gotten into a discussion over the validity of the one-night story, so I decided to try to track down any living remnants of the 740th. Luckily, I managed to find Harold Bradley of C Co 740th. Harold (Silver Star awarded) was with the 740th from it's formation through the end of the war and had written up his memoir for a newspaper story back in 2007. It never ended up getting published, but he forwarded it to me this weekend and gave me permission to share it. So, as follows, here is Harold Bradley's story of being a tanker in WWII.
  10. Knowing Iran, it could be the ERA is actually clay blocks.
  11. Seconded! I'm really curious about the M3 just because of how...awkward looking it is.
  12. If this were facebook, this is where I'd post the "Full Retard" meme. As it is....Glue sniffer. Only explanation. Also, I had Moran's video in mind too when I wrote my questions on the previous page, as I'd just watched it the week before and was only half remembering it.
  13. Well now that was unexpected as all can be. I didn't put two-and-two together. As I've actually got the chance, I just want to say I rather do appreciate all the extra technical stuff you get into the videos, even the track-tensioning. That said, you've referred to the M4 on occasion, and I think I even saw a snapshot of you possibly with an M3 Lee/Grant?
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