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  1. The performance of this or that ATR ammo type in the nearer future isn't the key point as ATR in general become obsolescent. Giving people the idea for HESH is. BTW, it is recommended that this idea is very discreetly shared with France and Great Britain but not Germany.
  2. We have all seen the movie where the hero rides into a town that is quite, too quite! That is the reason why everybody is arming themselves like crazy. They are worried about the two attacking each other indirectly and no one wants a piece of that. And now for some interesting developments in anti tank weapons: Some of Poland‘s Wz. 35 anti-tank rifles have fallen into Hungarian hands who let us examine them. At first glance it looks like just another ATR: 8mm, bolt action, magazine but it is something entirely different. The round is not intended to penetrate the armor. Upon i
  3. I'm surprised we still have such non standard longarms. Someone must have hidden them in back in 1936 fearing he'd get worse or nothing in return. What's wrong with machine carbines from the navy's perspective?
  4. 7.92x145 wasn't a typo. 😳 I bet it's quite the whole puncher to the redesign and retooling might not make it worth it.
  5. My inspiration for the quick detachable barrel of the existing ATR.
  6. That could be it, or not ? Kinetic energy wise 7.62 is more powerful than 5.56. Not by much but it could be just enough to make a difference. OTOH, Ruger makes them in 7.62 too, don't they. It could be the dimensions. Or a combination of the two. KP15 polymer lower! Polymer lowers can be done but not(!) on the same dimensions as aluminum lowers. I bet that goes for cast and forged steel as well.
  7. Good video indeed. Re Ruger. They cast entire recievers, not just the trunnions. A case of an overall bigger part that can take the stress even if it's made in a nominally weaker manner?
  8. *googles WASR* So that's how the import ban works and one works around it.
  9. Isn't this how multi color camo patterns were actually developed?
  10. You think blue-gray is wrong? Just field grey works too I guess. 😇
  11. Thanks, how much do ARs of similar quality to the new US made AKs cost?
  12. Ok, if American made AK are so questionable, where do the good AKs come from Americans buy? Pre import ban guns and post ban handmades both costing and arm and a leg?
  13. During the reign of the last king(and also first president) the field uniform became dark blue. Dress uniform still is, field uniform changed to a mix of light blue/grey.
  14. We get inspirations from the good enough(MG13) and sometimes from the good. All for restoring the somewhat bend timeline in this case. As far as Tankovian stamping skills go, we do magazines very well and that was difficult enough to get to. Alas it helped to have no choice. With receivers there is one and a complex stamped receiver is something we want no part of. But I'm afraid we'll have to bite that bullet sooner or later.
  15. Helmets are no problem. Even if the Tankovian industry wasn't a world leader in detachable magazine design and production, Czechoslovakian helmets could be obtained rather easily due to the recent decline in domestic use. Speaking of stamping. We have a prototype for the next generation of machine carbine in the works. It is intended to use a U shaped pressed steel receiver and a stamped top cover. Design and production wise a rather straightforward gun that has been put on the back burner because of the necessary tooling. The presses require a not insubstantial investment and they can on
  16. Old habits die hard I guess. Their wartime SMG was getting high marks by users but also not that well suited for mass production.
  17. It can't hurt to add a contestant to a later round of trials. And I'll have to re watch Ian's video about the rather rushed putting together* of the M1 carbine prototype. *Can't call that development!
  18. Of course. Also check I this out. No video of the Christobal though.
  19. Thanks. I will look at that gun this evening.
  20. How "not most reliable" was it? Like the M1 Carbine or worse? The type of action seems to be sound in general(43M, FAMAS).
  21. I know, I looked at it and took its weight to get an idea how much a delayed blowback carbine in .30 Carbine weighs. Too much more than what the Ordnance Department would have been comfortable with, so there will be more trials. Would a folding stock get the weight down? It looks like it does not.
  22. And now for something different than machine guns*, we have news from the USA: The preliminary 'light rifle's trials have ended in error so to speak. While all met the accuracy, reliability and durability requirements the lightest contestant was Marlin's with just over 7 pounds but it's gas delayed action is indeed not useful for anything other than hunting. The rest of the carbines are around 8 pounds* and that's not sufficiently lighter than an M1(9lb). Ordnance has asked the companies to try and lighten their guns(plastic stocks, handguards?) and come back at a later date.
  23. The MG 31 is a belt fed MMG. Not as good as an MG 34 but better than an M1919A6(low bar again). Box and also belt fed: Could different feed blocks help? I seem to recall one of Ian's videos that someone got it to work, albeit post war. Exactly why the home forces buy like crazy. They are not 2,000km away from the nearest war. We have been making HMG since the early 20s, so consider it on the way to be done.
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