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  1. Did they have to publish this on a telegram channel or do they (still) have a website?
  2. Yes, half are elected in districs, half by party lists. If a party wins say 45% of the districts but only 35% of the national vote aka the list, seats are added to maintain the list's ratio.
  3. Some actual news about the perp. In the private media. https://www.rtl.de/cms/tankstellen-killer-von-idar-oberstein-sein-vater-versuchte-seine-mutter-zu-erschiessen-4835601.html Your farther committing suicide after trying to kill you mother? I can see how that could throw you off the rails. State News apparently can't. At first glance they don't let the disaster go to waste and continue to demonize any opposition.
  4. If some individual does this on social media his/her/its reach is very limited. An official organization has a far wider reach. Right now an entire state sponsored propaganda apparatus is going into overdrive spinning a narrative to a national audience. Should this turn out to be false like in Chemnitz and Hanau very few will know because they won't correct the narrative just because the facts changed.
  5. Of course nobody knows nothing about the perp, so we see many calls not to rush to judgment, instrumentalize the crime, ect, don't we? No, we don't. It's the exact opposite. What could be the act of a lone mentally distributed person is used to defame an entire, heterogeneous and rather peaceful protest movement.
  6. 500 million for 12?!? Argentina gets some symbols, China gets something of value from Argentina.
  7. All the big names sell to the US given their demand in normal times. Sellier and Bellot from the Czech Republic, Brenneke from Germany, Hirtenberger from Austria, Poland and Bulgaria were mentioned as making Com Block ammo but as far as bidended-up charges go only Hungary comes to my mind and I don't know how wide spread the anti-Orban mood is in the USA. Could you get Brazilian firms for whatever Bolsonaro is reported to do? Unlikely. Egypt would be an easy one but they are an ally and de-stabilizing al Sisi just to get their supply capability seems unlikely too.
  8. Here is the next idea. Switching contracts. Russian manufacturers supply customers who ordered from non Russian ones, so they can sell their ComBlock caliber ammo in the USA(and for a higher price). If the customers are OK with say Tula instead of PPU that could work. Re: More ammo bans. Not so easy. In case of Russia there is a specific law targeting only Russia that allows the President or whoever passes for that to ban the importation of whatever he likes to ban.
  9. The old ammo shortage dating back to 2019? Both, millions of new gun owners need ammo to train and of course the higher demand of election years in anticipation of future gun control.
  10. I was just saying but a good point. Anyone who can sell to the US, probably already is as much as he can because Americans buy ammo like crazy for over a year. They might be able to get more components from Russia but if their entire manufacturing line is running at full capacity already. They'd need the machinery from Russia and floorspace and personnel. This would be a good time for a revolution in North Korea.
  11. If PPU made ammo with imported Russian bullets, primers, powder and casings, would that be OK or too Russian?
  12. How long did it take the federal courts to make a the verdicts on RiM and the moratorium? Not long in case of the latter. It was never extended.
  13. I'm going with panic inertia, stupidity and virtue signaling over a clever, evil plan. The numbers go up, they got to do ... something*. They probably know it won't get past the courts but then it will all be the court's fault.
  14. Watch where the tracer goes and change the QC barrel earlier? The issue with the M69. If you do rapid fire with a bolt gun you are probably in a target rich environment and not in a good way. ~ 2. 5 MOA accuracy is the least of your problems.
  15. Do they still have older/less capable rifles than the Tavor?
  16. Judean People's Front! Also replacing bull pups with standard rifles seems to be a thing. France did it, China is reportedly planning to.
  17. Pentagon Wars - Nick M. edition http://plab.site/ann?uk=tH7JPChQ0j
  18. Speaking of, why no attempt to make an SKS with a detachable magazine? American Bubba mod SKSs have them. Didn't work well enough or wasn't attempted because reverse engineering the AKM was expected to be quick and easy?
  19. We are talking past each other. I meant before WW2. They weren't small as we saw in Speyer but that engine alone weights more than a lot of DD did.
  20. It was also to launch really, really big AT rifle grenades. Who in practice didn't work all that well.
  21. They used to be made inland too. I'm rather certain MAN made them in Augsburg, Bavaria. Probably got them by canal barge to the shipyards.
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