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  1. Thank you. I came across this board approximately 1999.
  2. I have. I found it insightful to read about Woodward's criticism of one of his carrier captains being too cautious, when Adm. Woodward wanted to have air cover, and then reading of Woodward's thought, upon learning the ARA 25 of May's approximate location, that he would wait until daybreak before launching his attack. Sharkey Ward, in his book, wanted to commit at once, so that British Harriers would be bombing Argentine ships at or before dawn, and not be on the receiving end.
  3. De-lurking for a bit. Writing about TN posters from years ago made me think of one individual who claimed he posted from the Kitsap Library, and would tell others to "Stay away from those cornre drugs." He also claimed to have been "paid a bonus." I read some of the threads while not a TN member, several years ago. His name escapes me right now. He was quite an interesting character.
  4. The thing with that is, we live in a world where certain folks think that possession of nukes transforms their nation into a Regional Power of sorts. Far, far too many folks (including certain tin pot dictators ) fail to realize that nuke weapons act as a sort of handcuff, or restraint on national power. For example, one can't simply drop a nuke on certain deserving nations, as the resulting political backlash would be fatal. Testing the things involves learning just how one's nation can be annihilated -- not necessarily defeated, but obliterated ( I came across a thread to this affect sometime in the past on the HPCA board ).
  5. A big Salute to these guys. One of the issues that is mentioned during lifesaving training, and Red Cross training, is to avoid becoming a victim yourself, and it appears as though these folks used their best judgement.
  6. Thank you for posting these links on the 1983 Able Archer events. I've long been interested in these events. It was a tense time.
  7. I think that China would be able to defeat the US simply by calling in all the US's debt owed to China. It is tough to send the ships all over when one lacks the funds.
  8. Name: AtikGuide1 Age: 44 Country: United States, northern Midwest Service: None, though I respect the folks that serve and have served. Interests: transportation and military history. TankNet: I've been a long time lurker (since 2000 or so), and I decided it was time to quit lurking and reading and join the board. I once posted as CG96-something-or-other, but that was over a year ago.
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