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  1. Thanks for the info. Page 1320 is unfortunately missing All credit goes to skylancer-3441
  2. Are those Chinese ammunition compatible with 105 mm guns firing NATO standard 105×617mm cartridges ?
  3. Improved Chieftain for Iran, International Defence Review, 1976 : Further reading (International Defence Review, No. 6, December 1976) :
  4. Are those French T-72 intel reports available ?
  5. Any info on the muzzle velocity of the APDS fired by the 110 mm EXP-7 ? The EXP-14's APDS is quoted at 1578 m/s (Cold War, Hot Science book). And did the EXP-14 ever fired APFSDS ammunition ? As the EXP-14 was discarded in 1975 in favor of the 120 mm EXP-19M7 and later the EXP-19M13A in 1977.
  6. According to the book Chieftain Main Battle Tank Manual: 1966 to Present Owners' Workshop Manual three Chieftain turrets up-armored with Stillbrew armor packs were subjected to firing trials in 1985 at Kirkcudbright using British 105 mm and 120 mm APFSDS (likely the L64A4 and L23A1 APFSDS). The 105 mm was resisted at point-blank range while the 120 mm penetrated the turret at around 1000 m. This has been considered in 1969 : https://tankandafvnews.com/wo-194-1323-feasibility-study-on-burlington-chieftain/
  7. NERA too (still better than the messy Chobham one)
  8. http://www.russianarms.ru/forum/index.php/topic,12011.0.html?PHPSESSID=l71kr92h08cipo20iq98i879j4 Not at all, the space between the outer high-hardness steel plate and the inner plate was too small to be effective against shaped-charge projectile. The welded turret of the 1A3 offered better protection against 100 mm BR-412-series APHE and 57 mm HVAP than the original cast turret.
  9. When was it fielded ? Any pic of the 3BM36 Kamerger ?
  10. Sovngard

    Centauro 2

    What's the purpose of the yellow dye marker ?
  11. Page 63 (main engine) section 8 is unfortunately missing.
  12. I didn't encounter any problems. An interesting finding was the comparative tables between the marks.
  13. Source ? For the M431 HEAT-T fired from the Rheinmetall BK90 ?
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