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  1. I don’t know what to tell you other than the fact that there is zero evidence. 1: Azerbaijan and Turkey are natural allies. Nothing to do with Erdogan or anyone else. 2: Do Israel demand the same “favor” when it sells weaponry to say Vietnam, for example? What about Morocco, which in 2022 bought the same Barak MX? Israel have not sold anything to Azerbaijan that it doesn’t offer to other buyers, like said even a country like Morocco that didn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel until Abraham accords. 3: I don’t see how a supposed airfield for Israeli jets to land after striking Iran would be any kind of safeguarding for Azerbaijan. It would be the opposite, which is what I meant in my post.
  2. Yes I remember that. It’s still nonsense. “A U.S. military intelligence officer noted that Azeri defense minister did not explicitly bar Israeli bombers from landing in the country after a strike.” Why would Azerbaijan turn itself into a target like that?
  3. Seems like Azerbaijan and Serbia have signed a contract for 48 Nora B52 howitzers. @bojan
  4. Azerbaijan MOD published footage of test fire of 9M318 air defence missile. Developed by Belarus for Buk-MB. Active radar seeker + 70 km max range. For comparison, Russian made 9M317 missile (from Buk-M2) on Azerbaijani Buk-MB. The fins on 9M318 are located much lower.
  5. Azerbaijan has decided to purchase additional Israeli-made Barak MX air defence systems from Israel in a USD 1.2 billion deal. https://defence-industry.eu/azerbaijan-to-buy-barak-mx-air-defence-system-from-israel/
  6. Preceding this was the persecution and expulsion of Azerbaijanis in Kapan (Armenia) in 1987-88, somehow overlooked for some reason.
  7. I have not come across any official source about his supposed promotion. He did not serve in Azerbaijani army after his return. Neither is he a “hero”, which is a title granted by the state. There is only the president’s decree about pardoning him: https://president.az/az/articles/view/5596
  8. As for Karabakh Armenians supposedly “not trusting Azerbaijan’s assurances”, it’s less about that and more about their hate of “Turks” (Azerbaijanis). They can’t ever imagine themselves of accepting Azerbaijani jurisdiction, as they are (supposedly) “a superior race and people”. So they made their choice, rather than accepting Azerbaijani jurisdiction, they left. This 2016 music video filmed in Karabakh boasts about how “World was shattered by the Armenian fear, Turk’s throne fell to the ground”.
  9. Let’s gloss over the fact that Armenians commited the single biggest massacre of civilians in Karabakh conflict (massacre of 600+ innhabitans in Khojaly), displaced hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis from NKAO + 7 districts, razed to ground occupied Azerbaijani settlements and jump straight to Ramil Safarov for…”why the inhabitants of Artsakh do not trust Azerbaijan's assurances”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khojaly_massacre https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian-occupied_territories_surrounding_Nagorno-Karabakh PS: Safarov was not “promoted” after his release, he never served in Azerbaijani army again.
  10. So far Israel has killed 500 children. You were calling the death of 10 Armenian civilians in Karabakh a “genocide”, but here you are defending Israel’s indiscriminate bombing and killing of civilians by thousands (only God knows how many more they will keep killing).
  11. Many of these “Nafo fellas” are hypocrite racist pos charlatans. https://x.com/sentdefender/status/1710745091147526469?s=46
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