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  1. Azerbaijan will invest an initial amount of $2 billion in Pakistan, including defence industry. This is how Azerbaijani gov plane was greeted in Pakistani airspace. Ilham Aliyev was shown a JF-17 Block 3.
  2. AZAF Il-76 transporting Azerbaijani troops for joint exercise held in Kazakhstan. Exercises will involve the armies of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Azerbaijani Su-25 MLs are also participating, including a new aircraft #35 which takes the number of visually confirmed upgraded Su-25 MLs to 5.
  3. True. Besides, every candidate must have the blessing Khamenei anyway. To think that the president could change anything is naive.
  4. I don’t ever recall Khamenei emphasizing his ancestry. Pezehskian, at least on rhetoric level, advocates for teaching of Azerbaijani language in schools.
  5. Masud Pezeshkian has been elected as Iran’s new president. Ethnic Azerbaijani, he has a video saying “I’m a proud Turk. At home i forbid my family members to speak Persian, we only use Turki (Azerbaijani)”. This is how his victory was celebrated in Azerbaijani regions.
  6. First C-27J NG delivered to Azerbaijan airforce.
  7. Azerbaijan’s chief of general staff in Serbia. Is this NG variant of Nora? @bojan
  8. Armenia and France have signed a contract for CAESAR howitzers.
  9. Azerbaijan MOD reports that the last units of Russian peacekeepers have left Karabakh. Withdrawal process completed today. Azerbaijani flag was raised at Khojaly airport (used to be the HQ of Russian peacekeepers).
  10. Azerbaijan will spend $5.8 billion (9.9 billion manat) on reconstruction of Karabakh in 2024. https://apa.az/infrastruktur/azad-olunmus-erazilerin-yeniden-qurulmasi-berpasina-ayrilan-vesait-27-artirilacaq-844672
  11. Raisi’s helicopter never crossed into Azerbaijan as the video shows. The two presidents met right on the border (Aras river) and the helicopter was on Iran’s side of the border all the time.
  12. Modernization of Azerbaijan’s Su-25 fleet continues. So far, at least 4 modernized Su-25ML have been delivered to Azerbaijan AF. #27 & #18 #31 #37
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