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  1. As a European right wing (social)liberal I agree with you that it is impressive that Trump is so much worse in the eyes of many US voters. In Swedish elections I would never vote for Biden for sooOOOO many reasons... (Edit: If you play it by the traditional rules the Swedish head of state was ordained by God and the rule of Kings can probably be traced back to Odin (yes, there is apparently no conflict there). Fact checking is a bit shady at times in the evidence chain. Not that ain't an issue these days...
  2. This is Sweden, banning alcohol in Sweden is just barely easier than banning alcohol in Russia...
  3. There is this guy. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-supporter-arrested-requesting-absentee-234948543.html AFAIK this is the only confirmed case of (in this case attempted) voter fraud so far.
  4. I believe the rapid Covid tests was a requirement to visit the NASA facilities at the Cape (there was a SpaceX Crew Dragon launch attempt). He has since taken a PCR test but not gotten the result. I'm just a bit amused that the "brilliant" engineer can't do basic probability.
  5. If that was the test with a 30% false negative rate and Elon is Covid-19 positive then he has just proven that he hasn't internalized probability. Not sure what the false positive rate is but if that is high enough the same applies then too.
  6. For me it is the "Large boulder the size of a small boulder" that is the funny bit but then I'm a math nerd/programmer.
  7. Sounds like many here could use to read up on Swedish trade during WW2 (unfortunately I know of no good sources in English). Swedish trade with Germany wasn't one way. Iron was sold to Germany in exchange for coal, coke, rubber, oil, chemicals and other resources that was necessary for the military and economy to keep working. Why not trade with the UK? Disregarding the practical difficulties with just a small corridor between German occupied territories (and it was used to export among other things ball bearings to the UK using Mosquitoes and torpedo boats) both the UK and Germany blockaded t
  8. Common cold, also a coronavirus, still has no known vaccine or even known human immune response. The common cold is not a single virus, it caused by about 200 viruses, most commonly rhinoviruses, but corona-, influenza- and adenoviruses are also common (with many other families less common). There is really no way to fight 200 different viruses from many linages with one single vaccination. Fortunately COVOD-19 is cased by a single virus, SARS-CoV-2, so there is good hope that a vaccine is possible even though some corona viruses are slippery bastards.
  9. When it comes to the Swedish ones lets put it like this. Historically there existed three war plans, basically UK, Germany and Russia/USSR. Only one of them has been updated after WW2... In all the exercises during the cold war the enemy was an unnamed "great power". Somehow it always attacked from the east or southeast...
  10. There is no general ban on spiked tires in Sweden but in a small number of cities they are banned in certain areas (parts of a street or two) with high levels of airborne particles. IMNSHO missguided since the main problem are train breaks and diesel engines.
  11. At first it might look so but the older biker clubs are apparently sitting this out and while Dutch "No Surrender MC" looks like a more traditional MC gang (white dudes - mostly, bikes, beards and tattoos) they allow people to make documentaries about them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOAqX3XI_gw). One of the guys that got shot was the former head of general Mideastern immigrant gang "Black Cobras" (shut down by the police and the competition) and was IIRC now running Swedish No Surrender. He was second generation of Iranian decent, don't think that would fly in HA's. The Swedish chapter
  12. Mostly it looks like various drug/crime gangs fighting each other, shootings among criminals have gone up as well. For instance the "BIG ONE" next to an apartment building in Linköping (15-20 kg dynamite - biked passed the site 7 hour before the blast), the explosion at a strip club in Örebro and the double murder in Norrköping this week looks like some one taken offence at the Swedish branch of the Dutch "No Surrender MC" gang. One of the guys that got killed in the shooting lived in the apartment building on the side of the blast (but was in prison at the time). There are other conflicts goi
  13. There is another good reason why you won't get hits for IEDs. The explosives used are not improvised, it is mostly hand grenades and commercial stuff like dynamite.
  14. Just for interest, are you thinking about the attack divers, the coastal rangers or both?
  15. Moose enters and exits pre-school by the windows and is caught on camera outside Timrå (next to Sundsvall where I grew up). Swedish but has the video https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vasternorrland/se-algen-hoppa-ut-genom-dagisfonstret
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