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  1. Here are some of the historical color photos of the fort during construction and on duty http://www.digitaltmuseum.no/search?query=Austr%C3%A5t+fort
  2. And to give our international members idea of “how black is black ass” -few photos from beauty queen contests on Caucases This does not prevent people from referring to them that way and you know it.
  3. See your video from Russian March 2013 - main demands of this nationalists was to stop oppressing them (abolish anti-hate laws and free "political prisoners"). This "political prisoners" were not Pussi Riot and Khodorkovsky, as you probably guess. Also note how careful they are in selecting words to avoid crossing the line (not even dreaming of nazi symbols and slogans). Is it enough proof for you? About ordinary citizens - they are definitely not racists, not because they are so much civilized but because there is no other races present to excursive racism on (well, except Mongoloids
  4. 1) Got any proof of that? 2) So you are saying that the ordinary citizens of Moscow are fascists and racists?
  5. Maybe fascists? You very well know that this is BS. Here is "Russian" march 2012: These are the same people who were beating up migrants from central asia in Biryulevo couple of months ago.
  6. Maybe you should clean up your own house before looking across the border - "Russian march", Moscow
  7. Seeing some of the stupid crap that was posted here as "facts", the only thing that comes mind is this photo Some people on this thread are posting complete and utter nonsense as "proof" of whatever point of view they want to prove. Maybe it's time to use some logical thinking and have some respect for the intelligence of the people who are reading this thread?
  8. Of course take over of Crimea had nothing to do at all with the current situation in Ukraine... It's all the West's fault...
  9. Maybe they should have thought the line of retreat shooting up the march of their opponents. And given the police that allowed them to do that locals took it in their own hands. Very well deserved.
  10. They are masochists and like to get beat up?
  11. Too bad people in Donetsk didn't think that if they they do join Russia like they want and try the same thin a bunch of OMON will show up and beat them up and arrest them...
  12. Ukrainian "Impolite people" . Seems strange to complain about it after supporting the presence of foreign troops in Crimea up until the referendum .
  13. Yeah, and if you believe it there is a bridge that you can buy. Especially laughable the battling corruption part.
  14. A lot of Russian tanks in 2008 were actually ancient T-62s
  15. Yes. There were attempts to declare Crimea independent starting 1992 http://www.nytimes.com/1992/05/06/world/crimea-parliament-votes-to-back-independence-from-ukraine.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Crimea#Autonomous_Republic_within_Ukraine_.281991.E2.80.93Present.29 On 17 December 1992, the office of the Ukrainian presidential representative in Crimea was created, which caused wave of protests a month later. Among the protesters that created the unsanctioned rally were the Sevastopol branches of the National Salvation Front, the Russian Popular Assembly, and the All-Crimean Mo
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