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  1. i was thinking smoke signals. Maybe like the smoke generator from a tank, mount it the engine exhaust..... and armed recon helicopter with a pilot can still shoot.
  2. Call me old fashioned i guess, i just feel there's still a use and need for a man in the loop so to speak. Pilots cant be jammed or hacked. Maybe that's over thinking the situation and undervaluing autonomy. And they already designed 2 from scratch, that parts done already.
  3. Every war may result in an evaluation, but it does not mean that evaluation comes to the correct conclusion, or that even if it comes to the correct conclusion that the correct reaction is taken. How many times has the military tried to divest itself from a program or weapons system, but congress over rules them and does not allow it (A-10 for example, continued M1 production etc). Or vise versa, canceling F-22 production early and curtailing the number of airframes bought and basically destroying the production line because someone did an 'evaluation' and deemed the numbers just not needed (B-2). Potential cuts already for the # of B-21 airframes. As for the S-400 example, if the U.S. doesn't think it has the ability to destroy or degrade the effectiveness of Russian (or Chinese) Sam's then your basically saying the B-2, B-21, B-1, F-35, F-22, NGAD etc etc etc would be useless in a war and are basically a colossal waste of money. Not to mention the change in doctrine (which seems to be already happening with the renewed focus on SHORAD) of the army and marines which counts very heavily on the idea that they will operate under the umbrella of air superiority. Drones aren't new, and letting SHORAD go for so long as they did was a choice, one might say from an evaluation. Same with AARGM-ER. Did it take the US 15 years to develop it, or did it take the US 15 years to decide they finally needed it...?
  4. Does Ukraine have the same ability as the U S to supress and destroy those sams though? Using Ukraine as a bench mark has two sides. Everytime the U S 'shifts' for some future conflict 20 years down the road they're already outdated and spent the previous 20 years in low end conflicts. And no.... i don't yrust you...
  5. I tend to agree. I think canceling the program is the wrong way to go. Scale back the planned size of the fleet a bit if you want. I'd be looking at modifying the role and operations to include incorporating off board sensors (drones etc) to be deployed and controlled and run from the FARA. Maybe FARA doesn't push as far out into the battlefield as originally planned, but maybe it brings a bunch of drone with it that do. I get the focus on the High End Peer Competitor blah blah blah buzzy words, but not everything is going to be built and designed and capable of penetrating enemy air space and defenses on day one. And WWWIII hasn't happened yet, what are the chances it will see operations more like what we have today, conflict zones vs a full on war. High end stealth platforms and drones will still take care of the missions that require those platforms Something like FARA, to survive, would need its operation and deployment tailored to the mission and the threat and environment its operating in. Like i always here around here, its not looked at as a one on one fight, but a system of systems integrated together. Maybe were FARA fits in needs to be rethought, but i think there is still a spot for a small, affordable, recon/attack helicopter that is easily deployable and maintained from remote locations.
  6. and FARA's dead..... https://breakingdefense.com/2024/02/army-cancels-fara-helicopter-program-makes-other-cuts-in-major-aviation-shakeup/
  7. https://www.twz.com/air/xq-67a-combat-drone-from-general-atomics-breaks-cover
  8. Key word... for the Saudi's....
  9. this might sting a bit..... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/northrop-grumman-loses-a-billion-dollars-on-the-b-21-program although you cant call it a surprise i guess... Northrop Grumman's B-21-related financial troubles are not unexpected. The company explicitly warned about the potential for a major loss multiple times last year and said it could be up to $1.2 billion. This has now turned out to be a very accurate prediction.
  10. B-21 apparently is approved and in low rate initial production... https://breakingdefense.com/2024/01/b-21-raider-stealth-bomber-in-production-pentagon-says/
  11. So china's plan is to somehow foresee the US and British forces getting involved in the mid east and deplete stocks of weapons? and to what end game exactly...?.
  12. we all know where you stand and how you'll spin things.
  13. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/f-35c-with-mirror-like-coating-photographed-aboard-carrier
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