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  1. Very helpful,thx Wiedzmin! The new Mango-M inspires me this round,maybe some kind prototype of it.
  2. Why Mango-M round doesn’t required modification of an auto-loader? It looks similar in length with the Svinets-2 round.
  3. It looks very similar to the Belgian M1150 APFDDS round.
  4. Very interesting,thanks!Where can I find this video?
  5. Very interesting,thx for sharing!Is this project still alive?
  6. Great photos,thanks for sharing! Does the T-90AM get an all new turret like T-90MS?
  7. Thank you.Is it similar to this system on Ob.187?
  8. Is the left one a digital engine control system?
  9. 1K13 for the missile control I think.
  10. Isn't the Catherine XP for T-90MS only?
  11. Not yet,design for Indian market.Here is a link:http://forcesoperations.com/linde-seduite-par-nexter-munitions/ This round reminds me the GIAT 125G1.
  12. Is the war still going on in the east-Ukraine?
  13. New Nexter 125mm APFSDS round with a penetration of 600mm armour.
  14. I'm glad to see the Svnits-1/2 entered serial.
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