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  1. Is there video of that Merkava out there somewhere? Yup:
  2. The Merkava in Czech Republic is in running condition, they show it each year during the Tank Day in Lesany Museum....
  3. Well, the Steam sale got me....after a few scenarios it seems to be lots of fun. Just one negative - the UI is a bit weird, almost modern but with some strange twists.
  4. I'm around 5k games, and I don't feel such drag for the game anymore. And I do think it's a good game, and especially platooning with friends (and beer) it's fun. So lately I have e.g. a 2 month playing spree, then don't play it for a few months, then go back.... There's still some things I'd like to do in the game - e.g. getting M48 Patton (even though it's not that good as I read, but I really like american mediums), learning to play Batchat more, getting 60% winrate (damn 2% left, and I don't want to stat pad it with sealclubbing). I guess playing it for 3.5 years (from beta) is showing
  5. You won't spend much time learning the "switch flipping" in Steelbeasts. Basic controls are just a few more buttons than WASD as in WoT (e.g. lasing, switching to thernal sight and back, coax and a few more). The complexity lies in tactics, not in controls...
  6. IS - on paper not much better than KV-1S, but it's great - you have to use its mobility T20 - also a great tank, very agile with good firepower, coupled with the usual great US gun depression. I'm not sure why, but american mediums are amazing for me, even though they're not interesting on paper
  7. Yep it was random - was expecting you at the WG tent, but there were some of your colleagues. I was a bit dissapointed by the whole event - last years they had more tanks running (e.g. also IS-3)
  8. Ha, I didn't know Bahna are also happening that week...Seem like a plan
  9. Here in Czech Republic it's an extremely popular weapon among shooters, I'd dare to guess it's THE most popular "assault rifle" (well it's sold semiautomatic). Luckily "evil assault weapons" are no problem here, one can even conceal carry one (if you can really conceal it . It's very good (simple, reliable) and dirt cheap. One can buy one for 260$ - 300$ (folding stock) - they're manufactured from army spare parts, usually unused (in the end they're like new). So I can comment only on the popularity, no trigger time - yet.
  10. I was on the winning side of a 15 : -3 game
  11. Hmm, on Abbey I quite often go east side (with a heavy) - a good push there can quickly break through on the other side. I find it quite effective. On the other hand I rarely see a decisive push on the west... Of course it shouldn't be half a team - lets say 4-5 tanks max
  12. Most epic game ever Victory! Battle: Dragon Ridge 07 February 2013 20:43:50 Vehicle: M4 Sherman Experience received: 3,045 Credits received: 64,243 Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Defender, Lavrinenko's Medal II Class And I have replays off
  13. Just finished a long string of platoon games in Pz38 - almost all wins. At the end we got bored so we did stuff you just don't do: rush on the west side of campinovka at 30secs push through alley of death in himmelsdorf standing in cap circle as soon as possible in ensk We still won those games...
  14. One quite unknown awesome tank is Pz38 - great firepower (accurate, good damage and pen) and quite mobile. you can rape low tiers with it.
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