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  1. Dropping in to say HI THERE! I'm still kicking and hope you're all well :)

  2. Want cornchips ... now please!

    1. Corinthian


      with salsa, meat sauce, sliced jalapenos, cheese spread, chili con carne.... mmmm... nachos

  3. Anybody home right now???

  4. Anybody home right now???

  5. I love love LOVE fresh crunchy juicy green grapes ... what a thirst quencher and taste YUM!

  6. I love love LOVE fresh crunchy juicy green grapes ... what a thirst quencher and taste YUM!

  7. Had a wonderful weekend with my kid and her partner this weekend!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Had a wonderful weekend with my kid and her partner this weekend!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. I must inspire cowbell thoughts .... :P

  10. This thread takes FOREVER to load! Anyways, currently listening to Bob Dylan via his website and a listening link in the top right hand corner of the page. Continous streaming of his songs and music. For you Dylan fans:: http://www.bobdylan.com/us/tour/2012-08-12-recplex
  11. Hi Archie, so pleased to make your acquaintance Anonymity can be a good thing sometimes .............
  12. PS: I don't completely remember the whole story behind that A'Stan happening, but I do remember thinking the story of how it happened sounded hinky or something. Something ain't right here, sorta thing ...
  13. You are quite welcome! I don't think it was much different then than today in principal. Depending on the offence and how his commanding officer wants to procede, there are two levels of military trials today. A summary trial can be conducted by a company commander. He can, up to a certain limit and I've forgotten what it was, give out fines, extra dutiers, and time in a military jaill. A court martial can give out up to the maximum listed in the book for that offence. It sounds as if a Field General Court Martial was intermediate. As for what would have happened if he had killed the other guy, I wouldn't be surprised if they sent him away to a Federal Penitentiary, like Kingston, for a while. Even today, that would be criminal negligence causing death and a Candian soldier was sentenced to four years a few months ago for accidentally killing anoher soldier in Afghanistan. http://http://www.ngnews.ca...egeneys-death/1 I don't know how I'd react to things if my child had been killed accidentally or mistakenly. I would guess it would depend on hearing every circumstance and detail about how and why it happened. No death is easy to come to terms with but in situations like this it must be a bitter pill to try and understand and come to terms with on top of the grief. A kind of death you don't expect should ever happen. Ouch. I try to imagine how my great Uncle must have felt to have been responsible for wounding a buddy probably and the shock that he could have killed the other guy with his carelessness and thank god that didn't happen I couldn't live with myself if I'd been at fault for something like that. Ouch again.
  14. I would bet a sizable amount it is: Neglect to the Prejudice of General Orders and Instructions I forget the term, it is now known in most commonwealth militaries as 'Prejudicial Conduct' basically anything that can by act or omission bring the military into disrepute or acting with questionable conduct in general. It is a catch all along with 'Failure to comply with lawful general order' they can stab you with. I didn't notice until now that you posted while I was composing, so didn't see this until just now. Oops I'll pull the service files from the suitcase again later to see exactly the phrases they used but it was similar or like what you and R011 said ...
  15. You said: This could be "Neglect to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline". (Correct ... that's what it said! ) With his weapon, I think what happened was that he "neglected" to assure it wasn't loaded before starting to clean it and a shot went off, injuring one of the other soldiers. I just checked out that link you gave me and its EXCELLENT. I'm going to save that resource for future reference!!!! Really simple to understand, even for this kid I wasn't aware there were a couple of kinds of courtsmartial processes. His was the lesser serious "trial" in the field then, and thank god the other soldier was only injured and also survived the war to get home again!!! What would have happened if the soldier had been killed when that rifle went off? Thank you!!!
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